Unicorn Spirit Animal Gifts For BFFs

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Recently Unicorns seem to have become a huge craze and the hype is only getting bigger! We all know someone who is obsessed by Unicorns by now, so here are some of the best gifts, must have items or just things to add to the wishlist for any unicorn lovers. Check out our super cool list of unicorn spirit animal gifts for BFFs for all those unicorn lovers out there to show their love and possibly add to a collection.

Unicorn cupcakes

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Everyone loves cupcakes and unicorns AND sprinkles… so combine all three and you get this amazing cupcake sprinkler to make all those cakes extra special.

Unicorn hugs

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This is the perfect unicorn item for right now as it will keep you nice and warm in this freezing weather with the added bonus of being super soft and comfy, smelling beautiful and obviously being a unicorn.

Unicorn inspired craft

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This is super subtle but really cool, this ‘Im really a unicorn’ is a secret keyring to carry round to show your true identity to all the other unicorn lovers out there.

Unicorn rings

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There’s nothing you can’t make into a unicorn including rings! In the pastel colours, these unicorn rings are super romantic and pretty!

Unicorn slippers LED

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Here we have the light up, rainbow LED unicorn slippers… they must be the most amazing creation and we’re sure they are too cool to just be worn around the house! These are for the ultimate unicorn lovers.

Unicorn horn mug

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This mug looks super magical, it combines a sparkly rainbow mane and an actual 3d horn and mug handle with rainbow. Anybody who loves all things unicorns will love drinking out of this beautiful mug!

Unicorn gift unicorn tears

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This would make the cutest gift for someone who loves unicorns and all things magical and needs a little cheer up/pick me up! It is really cute and a very original unicorn item!

Unicorn hoodies

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Comfort and dressing up as a unicorn combined… what could be better? However, you should be warned, once you own this, you will never ever want to take it off again as it is THAT comfy!

The unicorn horn for cat

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This is possibly the closest thing to owning the real deal, making your current pets a unicorn! By the looks of the cat’s face it isn’t it’s favourite accessory but it will grant all you unicorn wishes… even if it has the body of a cat!

Unicorn mugs

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This mug is brilliant! It is not too in your face ‘unicorn’ themed but is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face as they sip on their favourite hot drink! Plus it is pretty in pink.

Are unicorns extinct? We often think but we don’t want to believe it. We buy big unicorn stuffed animals and keep them in our homes. We keep looking at this stuffed animal unicorn for hours in our own homes. What if it is there in the wilderness and we cannot locate it. There are so many questions about unicorns that we never get answers to.

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