Smiling Pups To Brighten Your Day


If you’re fed up of the chilly, drizzly weather, having a mid-week dip or just a generally bad week then look no further to be cheered up! Dogs have to be the happiest animals and if you don’t own one you really are missing out because they are always chirpy and excited, which is pretty infectious! However, don’t worry that you’re missing out as we’ve kindly put together the happiest, smiling pups to brighten your day.

Say Cheese!

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This pup is so happy to be outside in the sun and is not about to hide it! That giant smile is enough to get everyone else smiling and if not just look at his cute little eyes!

Selfie Smiles

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This tiny pup is smiling away for the selfie with his Mumma, what could be cuter! His little attempt at a smile is super cute even if it isn’t the prettiest one we’ve ever seen.

Good Morning Grins

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Even if this little guy woke you up an hour before your alarm, you could never be mad because of how cute he is! He is so excited to wake up and start the day (and of course walkies) and you can tell by his adorable cheesy grin!

The Fashion Smile

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Who says you have to pout or look serious? This pooch is rocking the scarf and sunnies whilst still looking beyond cute with a huge smile on her face! This dog is hilariously cute and pretty sassy, which we love!

Tongue Out Grin

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If you’re not smiling, giggling or just outright laughing at how cute this little guy looks laying down and laughing with us! This picture is the perfect ‘cheer up’ remedy apart from the fact we get sad again when we realise we can’t have him!

Hey You!

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This little Chiwawa looks so happy to be looking up at us and that just becomes hugely contagious. That pretty little cute smile is really heartfelt and warm, this Chiwawa must be the happiest tiny pooch ever!

Sleepy Smiles

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There’s no need to ever go to bed sad again, when you look just how happy this dog is whilst he’s fast asleep! Whether he’s chasing a bunny or has just been given a giant steak, we want some of his happy dreams.

Twin Grin

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Why have one smiling dog when you can have two?! These two are so cheery and beaming to be looking at us, which must make anyone want to beam back at them!

Specs Smiler

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This selfie-loving, fashionista dog is just super cool. If there was such thing as a dog fashion blogger, we’ve just met it and it’s the best thing ever.

Puppy Beamers

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These two are super chirpy and just generally loving life. These little fluff balls are the dream puppy and no one could ever be sad if they were the lucky owners of these gorgeous two.

Love Me!

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How could you ever ignore or be too busy for this smiley chap! His little face is infectiously cute and could put a smile on anyone else’s face within an instant.

Back Seat Smiler

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This giant white fluffy pup is super happy to be in the car with his owners and is absolutely loving this adventure! His happy, smiley face is so cute and will cheer anyone up without even trying.

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