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Andreas Häggkvist Creates Unbelievably Beautiful Animal Portraits For Endangered Species Awareness

Art can be multilayered inspirational as well as intriguing at the same time, most of the time the artist make us think deeper and draw our attention towards it. No matter how much less we know about art many pieces make us gasp for a while casting a look at them and get lost for a while into the depth and find an emotional string sweeping across our hearts.

That is the reason that moved Swedish artist Andreas Häggkvist who took the opportunity to use his substantial art to raise extreme awareness for endangered species. His master-works combined with hitting captions are very powerful and you be moved to take action. At least that is what it appears to be among instagrammers.

He hopes the same and believes the message will be conveyed very well ”Just as with melodies, visual images stick with us more than just words. Using the power that art contains, there really is an opportunity for an artist to make a movement for an important cause” – Andreas says.

Let’s hope his art not only brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good, but also makes you stop and think for a moment about what is happening to our planet. Whatever he says and regarding these digital paintings with captions, the excerpts from there have been added below with pictures of endangered species awareness project.

”Leap of faith”

Photo Credits: Andreas Häggkvist 

“I’ve been on a bit of a self-help kick in my writing lately. And given the positive response from my last post, I figured I would continue my journey and write about another topic that might be of interest. The leap of faith.”

”Dots of love”

Photo Credits: Andreas

…Jaguars, with their majestic spotted coats and their silent, silky movements, are the iconic big cat of the wild. They are superstrong, a jaguar’s ultra-strong jaws and teeth can bite through a crocodile skull or turtle shell, but nevertheless, their future is in OUR hands…Andreas

”The Guardian”

Photo Credits: Andreas Häggkvist 

New year – fresh start, right?, A do-over, that motivates you to try something new. That is usually how it goes. When we talk about the new year, one word often comes to mind: resolutions! Lose weight, get out more, save money, engage in a hobby, spend more time with friends, pick up that camera… But, what actually happens after you’ve made that resolution? Do you carry it out?..Andreas Häggkvist 

”I feel love”

Photo Credits: Andreas Häggkvist 

What is your favourite wild animal? So, as you can see and probably just figured out by this post, I really like the giraffe. I´ve always related to animals that look a little odd , and defies what the phrase ”normal” often stands for.. Andreas Häggkvist 


Photo Credits: Andreas Häggkvist 

“….So, its Christmas time again and, to borrow the words of John Paul Young’s song, “Love is in the air”. As it is every Christmas. It is featured in the songs we hear on the radio, in the stores as we shop for presents and in the commercials we see on TV. Love is present in the cards we send and in the words we write on the tags we attach to the presents we give….” Andreas Häggkvist 

”Swan Lake”

Photo Credits: Andreas Häggkvist 

What is your dream place you always wanted to visit but not yet haven’t?

“Yin yang”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“…It may not be obvious by a quick look, but this piece is actually inspired by Yin and Yang. Look close, and you can see a little of black in the white, and vice versa. I find this to be a pretty interesting concept…”Andreas

“Love For Animals”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“…For all you who watched my last story, you already know I was recently approached by WWF due to my art, and my love for animals. They asked me to represent them as a “world hero” in their quest to help save the elephants. Of course I said yes. Its a true honor, and nothing less than a dream come true…”Andreas

“Time For Play”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“..some of your best work probably will come when you just let yourself play around for a little while….” 

”I got your back”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“Hey guys, what’s up? I made this piece thinking of all those who are there for you, the people willing and prepared to unconditionally defend and support someone. That supportive shoulder you trustworthy can rest your head upon….”Andreas

”Built to last”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“..Ever since I was a kid I always loved building things. My earliest memories are of creating Lego cities complete with tall buildings, fire- and policestation..”Andreas

“Hold your horses”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“Its important to keep stress levels in check my friends, so be sure to take good care of yourself.”

“Little Lion king!”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“As you probably have heard, they are remaking Lion King. When I found out I just HAD to do something to celebrate this…”

“Hold on tight, gang”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“-because we’re about to swing through the trees and hang out with one of nature’s..”

”The Lion King”


Photo Credits: Andreas

“A fantastic movie. And one of the biggest lessons to be learned from it is that you can either run from your past or you can learn from it…”

“Embrace Your Surroundings”

Photo Credits: Andreas

“I like Mowgli. This is a boy that doesn’t focus on the fact that he has no family and is an orphan. He’s more interested in what he does have, which is a huge jungle before his eyes. This leads Mowgli on a big adventure where he meets a lot of new friends…”Andreas

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