Animals Reclaiming Cities Amid Quarantine Around The World

Withe everyone indoors the animals are probably looking for humans everywhere. They might have been thinking where are those hoomans who used to boast of their might and power. This quarantine time, many animals were spotted wandering across the cities.

If you notice around your neighbor you might as well spot a fox, deer, wild boar or any other animal who would not come that close otherwise. Because everywhere else the wild animals seem exploring urban areas across the globe. Check out these wild animals reclaiming their territories to balance the nature.

#1 A Coyote wanders across Yosemite Valley

Carolyn Cole

#2 Deer looking for food in Yosemite Valley

Carolyn Cole

#3 Check out this bear caught on camera yesterday, climbing a tree next to ranger housing!

#4 “Lions patrolling Skukuza Staff Village enforcing #SALockdown this morning,” the post on Twitter says. “Skukuza, situated on the southern banks of the Sabie River, is the park’s largest rest camp and administrative headquarters.”

source KNP

#5 Bacalar, Mexico, used to be flooded with people before Coronavirus pandemic, recently an otter was spotted there since there is are no humans around


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