10+ Most Bizarre Fish In The Ocean

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The ocean is filled with some of the most bizarre, beautiful and sometimes truly terrifying creatures on the planet. With millions of species still undiscovered, we’re barely at the tip of the iceberg, but here’s the most bizarre fish in the ocean.

#1 Blobfish

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The appropriately names Blobfish can grow up to 12 inches and lives at depths of up to 900m, meaning it’s very rarely seen by humans.

#2 Dumbo Octopus

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You won’t be surprised to discover that the Dumbo Octopus gets its names from some pretty prominent fins on the side of its head…

#3 Oranda Goldish

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The Oranda Goldish looks like it’s suffering from a particularly bad case of acne…

#4 Flying Gurnards

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The Flying Gurnards are known for their ridiculously big pectoral fins. They can’t actually fly, though, so they’re both unique looking and gravely disappointing.

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#5 squid worm

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This is the squid worm, and the less we say about it, the better…

#6 Stargazer

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Brace yourself. This is The Stargazer. It hides in the sand and lyes in wait for its pray. Yes, it’s terrifying. We’re sorry.

#7 Neotenic salamander or axolotl

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This neotenic salamander or axolotl is one of the coolest things you’ll ever see, and that’s before you find out that it can re-generate its limbs.

#8 Marrus orthocanna

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A beautiful and strange looking sea creature, the Marrus orthocanna is a jellyfish like fish made up of multiple repeated body parts. It kind of looks like it’s shooting fire like a rocket taking off.

#9 Sea Butterflies

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Sea Butterflies are mollusks and look incredible cool. Unfortunately, they’re endangered due to their calcified shells by increasing levels of oceanic acidity.

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#10 Sarcastic Fringehead Fish

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Why this sea creature is called the Sarcastic Fringehead fish, we’ll truly never understand. When two fight each other, they wrestle by pressing those terrifying mouths together and seeing which is the largest and most dominant fish.

#11 Crossota norvegica jellyfish

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Let’s end with something a little cooler and nicer, shall we? Discovered in the deep Arctic Canada basin, Crossota norvegica jellyfish glows a wonderfully neon red. That was the list of the 10+ most bizarre fish in the ocean. Stay tuned to amazing animal photos informative posts every day.


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