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Baby Animals That Look Nothing Like Their Parents

There are a certain handful of animals that when they have babies that look nothing like their parents! In the human world, this might cause some problems, but in the animal world it is totally normal and they soon grow into what we think they’re supposed to look like!

Penguin babies look different

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Baby penguins have to be up there with the cutest animals, as they are super small and fluffy, yet they don’t actually look anything like their smooth appearing parents. The cute fluffy coats on baby penguins are there to help the baby survive their first chilling winter.

Wild Boar babies look very different from parents

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Wild boar piglets don’t look anything like their dark, tusked parents. The baby piglets are born with light and dark stripes, without tusks and are normally much lighter in colour, this is so that their parents can easily keep an eye on them as a wild boar can give birth to as many as 12 piglets in one litter!

Tapir babies look nothing like their parents

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As with the wild boar piglets, Tapir babies are also born with bright stripe markings which allows for their plain, dark coated parents to keep an eye out for them in the wild!

Grey Seals babies look very different

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The grey seal gives births to the cutest pups! They are small, super fluffy and usually white as snow, which is a huge contrast to their large dark grey, not fluffy mums and dads! In the first 3 weeks of the pups lives, they consume enough milk and fat to quadrubple in body size, which gives them that extra fat layer to keep warm so they’re fluffy layer is no longer needed… much to our disappointment!

Zimmerman’s poison frog babies too are very different when they are young

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This amazing, bright and vibrant amphibian does not look anything like their offspring! In fact the baby poison frog is in the image if you look closely, it is the small brown baby that is born without any limbs and relies on its Mother to give it a piggy back until it is fully developed and bright.

Silvered Leaf Monkey babies and their mother. The absolute difference is there to be seen clearly.

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Baby monkeys are super irresistibly cute and we might have found the cutest yet! For the first five months, the silver leaf monkey better resembles a Simpson than their own parents!

Cassowary with a babies

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The Cassowary looks almost prehistoric with its horn and interesting markings, but the babies look so cute, being born without a horn and with a brown striped pattern on their backs. It can take almost six months for the Cassowary chicks to resemble their mum!

Chicken with chicks see the undeniable difference.

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Baby chicks are the cutest thing, small, yellow or orange and super fluffy, so it is always pretty shocking to remember they do grow into bigger birds that don’t exactly look cute with darker feathers!

Camel baby with mother

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What springs to mind when you think of camels… their humps! This iconic feature of a camel is actually not there when the baby camel is born, they are in fact born ‘humpless’. The humps in a camel is actually fat stores, so they take a while to grow as the baby camels store more and more fat.

Ladybird beetle baby

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Most people have never even seen a baby ladybird, we would just assume they are a smaller version of the common beetle, but that is very wrong! The juvenile ladybird actually looks more like a caterpillar than a ladybird! This fearsome look is to help protect the ladybird to later life, before it develops into a cute flying beetle. Those were the baby animal that look different from their parents. Amazing animal photos always bring you the best of animals world. So stay notified for more.

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