Simple Cat Or Kitten Training Tips For Beginners That Will Help You Train Your Cat


There are certain cat or kitten training tips for beginners which will help you train your cat to sit or toilet or just anything. With these cat behavior training steps you can make your cat to follow your commands. It is generally believed that cats don’t respond to calls as dogs do. There are methods that help the trainers train dogs but the same fail with cats. The truth is, the scientific research show that the first successful training experiments were carried out with cats.

The Behavior Of Cats

For training a cat it’s necessary to understand her behavior. Cats are not as sociable as dogs. As dogs have been working with people for so long. The basic job of cats was considered once for just pest control or chasing mice and vermin. They are less likely to be responding to calls for just praise as dogs do. They are hard to motivate. They need special treats that may attract them and they might respond. But, yes, with creative methods you can train them.


There are benefits that come with training your cat. As it requires the stimulating of their body and soul which is effective. With some useful tricks such as wave and fetch, you can also teach your cat responding your calls to sit, stay or just respond when you call him. If done correctly, cats could be taught to use the toilet and flush as well.

Training Steps For Your Kitten Or Cat

best toilet training cats methods


There are few methods which always help to teach cats. Which are easy, effective but require patience and a repetition. Some of the useful ones are mentioned below:

Luring The Cat With What She Likes

It’s necessary to notice which treats your cat prefers. It is not necessary that every cat may love the same treats. May be a piece of roasted chicken or cut into small cubes; pieces of tuna, meaty flavored foods or the cat foods available commercially help you.

simple methods for cat training

Once you find out which treat your cat likes the most, just keep following simple tips of training based on reward training. So that you can teach her the behavior you want to or just a simple step like making him sit. If you want your cat to respond your call to sit unless you have cooked for the family, you must first teach her to sit when you ask her to sit.

Grabbing a cat’s attention is primary for making her follow your commands. First of all, hold the treat to your cat’s nose for a while. Slowly, move it in arc from his nose over her head between her ears. Just don’t start raising it up or she will be learning to stand on her hind legs instead. Any cat will follow this arc motion with their eyes and nose, her butt will go down as her chin rises up.

As she is following the command and her bottom hits the floor treat her well with praise and some favorable food crumbs. While practicing it and as each time she hits the floor under her, make sure she received the treat each time.

Cat’s can’t see still things immediately, sometimes they never get a clue of it. If your cat does not find it try offering the treat to her in your palm or tossing it on floor. The cat will follow the motion easily.

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Using A Clicker To Train Your Cat

A clicker is always a good way to train any pet faster. Even anything like a pen with a clicking sound would do. As soon as your cat responds to it offer her a treat. The clicking sound would let your cat know if she has done the right thing and help her catch it quickly. Be sure of clicking it at the moment she does something correctly and reward her with a treat. Cats always learn through repetitive behavior. So it’s necessary to practice it as many times as possible. But keep the training sessions short. However, many cat get bored shortly, the chances are your cat would too. Keeping the sessions short that will maintain her interest.

There Should Be No Punishment


You must understand that cats don’t understand punishments and it result in their health issues. They would rather not respond at all if you punish her during the training. Instead of responding to your calls after a punishment your cat might prefer running away which they learn easily. Punishments always frighten animals especially cats. Usually, punishments create an atmosphere of stress which cats get easily and perform horribly. Stress may impact her immune system as well which makes cats vulnerable resulting in health issues.

With simple repetitive steps a cat can learn behaviors with rewards. The persuasive training always results better. If you would maintain your patience and reward your cat with treats soon you will find her following the cues.

Finding Professional Help

However, there are ways to get the professional help to help your cat learn behaviors. There are many very professional certified trainers are available that may help you train your cat with love and gentleness. It’s becomes even easier to train your cat with the help of a trainer. You can achieve the same results at home but with a professional trainer things become easier.

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