20+ Funny Great Danes Being Largest Lapdogs of The World

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To name a dog as huge as weighing more than 150 lbs a ‘lapdog’ sounds weird at first but you will accept this being a fact after meeting a great dane. They normally stand at least 30 inches from paws to shoulder. Once you observe or pet one of these pampered pups you will realize naming them lapdogs is not an overstatement. The breed of Great Danes so large for a dog that these considered being the largest lapdogs of the world.

Scroll down to see the Great Danes being the largest lapdogs of the world.

Cutest Great Dane mother and puppy picture. The best one ever.
This Great Dane has adopted this deer

pip and kate, Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada, Isobel Springett
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This Great Dane thinks he can fit in the lap
Great Dane’s reaction is priceless every time he sees his owner taking a carrot out of fridge.
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Blind Great Dane Lily Has Her Own Seeing-Eye Dog Maddison Who Takes Her For Walks

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This cat and Great Dane share a special bond
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This one is trained and he has proved that many times for perfect selfie faces.
The noble Great Dane
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This reaction every time of this Great Dane making faces while seeing a carrot.
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This one though

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The two best friends- The Great Dane and little girl.
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Scooby Doo is waiting for his turn.
The paw of a Great Dane just 4-month-old
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14 weeks old Great Dane has so much to do.
A substitute dad to cute kitten and this Great Dane is a great dad
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This big boy is a real big boy
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This Great Dane has a favorite water drinking spot and this is how it is done every day.
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This Great Dane and his BFF cat
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This Great Dane being human.
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The Great Dane has his face-pinted-ears
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Great Dane Paws
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Great Dane sleeping
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This Great Dane thinks he is a human and we too agree to it
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Have you seen my ball?
Scared to death
Having a small talk
Sharing Great Dane pictures
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The unspeakable comforting place for this Great Dane. Thats why these cute hugdogs are called best lapdogs.
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This Great Dane is a pancake
This Great Dane loves listening to stories from this grandma.
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This Great Dane is too big for a car to fit in
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Great Dane Hendrix
This Grandpa made a quick friend and Great Dane are the best for that
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Great Dane jumping on a trampoline

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This Great Dane on a train every time.
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That is true that never ignore a Great Dane or you will get much more attention than you want.
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The perks of having a great dane.
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These two Great Danes always sleep like this. They used to be like this for years
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This family adopted this small dog at their son’s insistence that he wants the smallest dog. Here he is with his small dog.
This Great Dane is melting and seriously he is melting

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