Someone Shared Her Cat’s Hiding From Vet Picture & People Start Sharing Hilarious Cats Hiding From Vet Incidents Owned By Them

image credits: abc

Mostly we see dogs cry when we take them to the vets but cats prefer to hide instead. The writer Ashely Perez tweeted the picture of James during their visit to the vet and showed how we all have nurtured reluctance to be examined by a doctor. Instead of caring for health James chose the other option– hiding.

The other cat owners start sharing their own experiences and the twitter cannot have enough of these hilarious encounters. The cats hiding from vet has become a hilarious moment on twitter and the cat owners cannot have enough of that.

#1 My cat did not want to be at the vet today. So he kept sticking his head in this trash hole. I died.

Image credits: itsashlyperez

This is gold

Image credits: itsashlyperez

#2 Don’t all cats do this? Mine does

Image Credits: BlackpeelJDT/

#3 This cat did her all the examination from the sink


Image credits: alwaysdaley

#4 The sink has become a strong fortress for the cats

Image credits: Colodia3

#5 This is how a regular cat looks just before going to vet

Image credits: EmilyWhalen1

#6 The secret den of this cat for hiding from the vet is difficult to find

Image credits: anchoviethecat

#7 This cat does not like the vet

Image credits: fyvkook

#8 A hiding technique passed down through the ages

Image credits: theredsoxman

#9 So humble looking cat while seeing a vet just like our kids

Image credits: Pam48030

#10 This after seeing a vet would not come out of the carrier

Image credits: CourtBentley38

#11 Locate petal who has a special hiding place

Image credits: justanotheramy

#12 This cat thinks if she can’t see us we can’t see her as well

Image credits: justBecka

#13 Wow this is incredible

Image credits: PersephonesDoll

#14 Yes! we cannot see you

Image credits: _EmiAnn

#15 The confident cat about his hiding place

Image credits: Normryl

#16 Any guesses!




Image credits: KotomiCrabdree

#17 This cat thinks she is completely invisible.



Image credits: MirandaDunkle86

#18 Creative kitty

Image credits: McKenna9999

#19 Batman begins in the sink


Image credits: 89VWGolf

#20 One more sinkhole dump

Image credits: Fretzy99

#21 No one can see you lil kitty

Image credits: saraPBdubois

#22 Simple trick used by many cat to hide from the vet

Image credits: SqueakyMissD

#23 the hiding place which is the best comfort zone for this cute feline

Image credits: michell00427345

#24 Close to the vet

Image credits: CBKinney

#25 This cat can impersonate linoleum

Image credits: egriswold

#26 Meet archie the expert cat at hiding from the vet

Image credits: lmgilson5927

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