Surprising Similarities Between Cats And Humans

We often come to find strange similarities between cats and humans and think about how many more similar habits we both do have. The researchers have found out similar traits between humans and cats.

According to many psychologists human nature has 5 main traits and 3 of which are similar to cats’.

First we will see which human traits are which most probably found in most of the humans and make them absolute humans.

#1 Inclination to experiments

– Humans are inclined towards trying new things. Since the beginning of the times, they have been striving to reach new heights. Sometimes they fail as well but would they stop experimenting? No.

#2 Will to finish or leave tasks

– Humans have zeal to excel and will to finish tasks. Sometimes they choose not to as well. It depends on their priorities but they are ruled by the will.

#3 Neuroticism

– Humans express their feelings and become anxious, angry, worried, fearsome and depressed. It’s one of the five important traits humans possess according to psychology.

#4 Sociability

Humans love to enjoy the company of other humans. They cannot live alone. They may survive alone but their happiness depends somehow on others. On the contrary, there are some who wish to spend their time alone, and don’t enjoy getting along with others easily.

#5 Sympathy

We, humans, sympathize with many things. We tend to be considerate of others. We often feel sorry for the hardships of others and become forgiving at times as well.

Now if you observe someone you’d not find him beyond those characteristics. They mostly possess either one, two, some or all of such traits depending on the situation and their experiences.

Take your own example and ponder over the characteristics you have and which one governs you the most.

The similarities between cats and humans

Now, read below to see the traits cats have. According to the researchers cats have 5 distinct behavioral traits. When you compare cats’ similarities with humans you will be surprised to see the line between the two touches at some stage. They may have mild relatability to humans but the similarities will be easy enough to identify.

#1 Capriciousness

 If you observe your cat closely you may have noticed sudden changes in its behavior, it becomes frisky, frivolous, scared or excited. All that happens very quickly. Same we have discussed about humans. This trait is similar to neuroticism which is common in all humans.

#2 Introversion/Extraversion

– Cats can become extremely attached to their humans, shows great love for them; they can be curious as well and very much excited but they all also manifest great disregard for something they extremely cared or generally they show complete disinterest in anything which might be interested to other pets even other cats.

#3 Puissance

– This trait is unique in cats which does not equate with any of the humans’. Cats love to show their influence over other cats. When they see another pet, they will try to dominate him or submit to other cats afterwards. Some cats become submissive without exhibition of power.

#4 Impulsiveness

Cats are impulsive and we cannot guarantee anything about them. We can speculate about them due to previous experiences. This trait is also absent in humans mostly.

#5 Affability

Cats are amicable and cordial. From their humans to other cats, they show great respect and affection towards them. It is just like sociability in humans. Their friendliness makes them ideal pets.

To understand your cat you need to understand the personality of your cat according to these similarities. You can devise strategies to make a great friend out of your estranged feline. Generally, to make any pet your good friend you need to understand its nature.

What do you think?