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Animals Look Absolutely Ridiculous After A Bath

Pictures of animals before and after their owners give them a well deserved bath and wash shouldn’t be this funny, but they really are. Some pets appear to completely transform, others seem to be in a state of complete shock, and the rest are actually pretty happy about having a nice groom. From crazed eyes to beaming smiles, there’s plenty of animal cuteness to sample in this collection of photos. Find out how animals look truly ridiculous after a bath. So these cats, dogs and other animals after the bath look ridiculous.

Really not impressed…

Media Source: Life Buzz
Really not impressed after hearing about the bath but since it has to be taken…

dog ecstatic about the bath

Media Source: Life Buzz
So excited for the bath just look at the face.

Cats finding meaning of life after bath

Media Source: Life Buzz
This cat looks like they’ve just discovered the meaning of life…

Look at the hair of this cat

Media Source: Life Buzz
Where did all of their hair go?

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Batman begins

Media Source: Life Buzz
Absolutely distraught about being cleaned…

The gang…

Media Source: Life Buzz
Well guys! We all had wonderful bath that we enjoyed deeply.

Ridiculously cute…

Media Source: Life Buzz
Even cuter after the bath.

Pure and unfiltered joy…

Media Source: Life Buzz

Joy of your cat is just a bath away.

cat feeling weird before or after the bath

Media Source: Life Buzz
Let me play a while more this bath is just amazing.

Looks like this cat has been up for days…

Media Source: Life Buzz
Whoops! the water was so cold. How cute these cats after the bath look is just a cute feeling to experience with them.

Post bath, this dog is embracing his inner George Clooney…

Media Source: Life Buzz
So cute to look at. Seems satisfied after the bath and puzzled too.

Wow…fashionable dog after the bath

Media Source: Life Buzz
The fashion has gone to an other level.

Pure evil!

Media Source: Life Buzz
This evilish face in the dark looks so cute after the bath.

parrot before and after a bath

Media Source: Life Buzz

How cute this parrot looks after bath. You have seen many times how cats and dogs after the bath look. This was just an amazing such example.

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