These Wild Animal Fights Photos Show They Are Always Decisive

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Nature is nature. It has a sign that we can’t read but we must understand that hunger can really bring the beast out of any living being. Even humans are not spared when time comes they can eat plainly anything. Here we are showing you nature is brutal pics that depict animals eat other animals. You will see fox catching two mice and rabbit and then getting pawed down by an eagle. Croc catches fish and then some more powerful seal eats the croc. All these things are inborn in the nature of living beings.

WARNING: This story contains strong images

#1 Croc eats doctor’s hand

Mr Po-yu, a 28-year-old vet at a zoo in Taiwan, had the arm severed at the elbow as he tried to treat the fearsome 31-stone, 18ft creature.

nature is brutal-008
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#2 As he reached through iron railings, the 17-year-old Nile crocodile lunged and snapped off his arm at the elbow.
nature is brutal-007
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#3 Feeding humpack whale surprises onlookers
nature is brutal-006
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#4 Leopard turns tables on his tormentors by eating them
nature is brutal-004
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#5 Cornered Leopard tries to eat man’s scalp
nature is brutal-003
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#6 Seagull eating a puffin
nature is brutal-002
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The image was taken by an Amanda Hayes on Inner Farne, Northumberland.

#7 Octopus eating a seagul
nature is brutal-001
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The picture was taken by Ginger Morneau of Langford, a suburb of Victoria, British Columbia. it case it wasn’t clear, it’s an octopus eating a bird.

#8 Shark found with a man inside

nature is brutal-0001

#9 A story of a shark eating a man.

nature is brutal-0002

#10 And then being caught.

nature is brutal-0003

#11 And after being cut up, the very dead remains get removed from its stomach.
nature is brutal-0002
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#12 Python snake gets stuck on highway after eating a whole sheep

python swallows sheep

#13 My Precious

nature is brutal pics -067

#14 An alligator eats an anhinga  he just killed
nature is brutal pics -06
USA, Florida, Everglades: death in the water.
#15 Alligator Catches A Pelican
nature is brutal pics -04
Copy Rights: Dan Kaiser: Alligator eating Pelican at Anhiga Trail in Everglades national Park
#16 Crab Vs Croc – The Obvious Winner
nature is brutal pics -03
Copy Right A. Britton
#17 Piranha 3D – The Revenge of The Crocodile

nature is brutal pics -01

#18 Fox Enjoys Hunting Down A Rabbit

nature is brutal pics -0

#19 Fox Catches Two Mice
nature is brutal y3
Photo Credts Dave Stiles
#20 Kingfisher eating a fish on a sign post “NO FISHING”

kingfisher eating fish

#21 Impala hanging into a tree
nature is brutal r2
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You might be thinking how does an impala get up into a tree? Can they climb? No. A leopard put him there. He wasn’t hungry when he killed him so is saving him up for the next day. Quite cunning and challenging to drag a dead impala up a tree Source.

#22 Locust Eating A Mouse
nature is brutal q12
Visit Source Natural History Museum, London

A locust eating a mouse. This long dead duo is preserved and is exhibit on display at the Natural History Museum, London.

#23 Crocodile chowing down on a straying bull shark

nature is brutal s2

This crocodile chowing down on a bull shark in the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

#24 Donkey storms the wolf to death and simply eats it

nature is brutal 042

#25 Orca trying to swallow a seal from an iceberg

nature is brutal eddition

This photo of an orca trying taking a seal down and dragging it into the water to drown it and eat came from the tv show fronted by Richard Attenborough.

#26 Birds eating worms, bugs and other grubs

nature is brutal eddition

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