How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days – Simple Steps And Schedule


This story will answer your question how to toilet train a puppy in 7 days and you find it the easiest way to potty train any dog with simple steps and complete schedule. So you have this new friendly pup that just took home. The only big problem is this new friend goes potty in the house and you can’t help it at all. You had a few solutions but none of them worked out.

You may wonder, “How can I potty train my dog in seven days? Is it even possible?”

Howard Barr from West Palm Beach, Florida with the help of Irith Bloom, CPDT-KSA, CDBC, who owns The Sophisticated Dog training company in Los Angeles, California took this challenge seriously. For a week he tried his best to train his 14-week-old pup, Hugh.

“No 14-week-year-old is completely potty trained. It’s like with toddlers,” Bloom explains. “They have smaller bladders and bowels, and don’t have complete control over the muscles involved. Putting that aside, assuming that Howard’s wife and daughters do not undermine what he is doing, there should be no accidents within seven days.”

simple guide potty train dog in 7 days
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Bloom instructed Barr through out the week and made sure that the instructions were being followed. Barr explained the hardest part was making sure his whole family stuck to the plan, including his three daughters and a wife. Whenever any of the family members forgot to follow the rules Hugh would poop up in the house.

Even when the week was over, Barr said that Hugh was fully trained for it although not completely yet.

“From this Monday to last Tuesday, it is amazingly, hugely different,” Barr says. “Is it completely different? No. Is Hugh completely trained? No. But has he been 100 times better? Yes!”

“I think if we keep up with the plan,” he adds, “Hugh should be completely potty trained in no time.”

So what was that all about the training plan?

“The game plan, in general, is frequent trips outside [on leash], confinement in between careful supervision for brief free time after potty, and taking notes to figure out your dog’s potty patterns,” Bloom explains. “This method will work for both peeing and pooping in the house.”

The plan was not hard to be followed, even any average fellow could follow that. Barr added. However, in some cases if you could not be home to follow afterwards hiring a dog walker or asking someone from family would help with it.

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So This May Help You Potty Training Your Any Dog In Just 7 days

So are you ready to take on the challenge? Read the notes from Barr’s 7 day training tenure.

Day 1: Learning the Rules

tips to train your dog for potty

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Read the instructions below carefully that Bloom instructed about to the Barr family:
The first of all things is setting up a confinement area, for example the Frisco Dog Exercise Pen with Step-Through Door. This is the place where Hugh needs to be until he is trained completely.
Please don’t forget taking Hugh out after every 20 to 30 minutes on leash except when he is sleeping. While being out, the whole family must wait and show patience without distracting the dog and even avoid one if there is any for first few minutes. If Hugh happens to pee or poop he needs to be encouraged with a treat and must play for the next 10 to 15 minutes under supervision. On the other hand, if he fails to pee or poop someone from family should take him back into confinement and do the same 15 minutes later.

The next time take Hugh out when he wakes up from a nap, especially after eating or drinking and playing wholeheartedly like for 10 minutes or more. The first day was easy for Barr to follow the instructions even though there were some accidents when Barr walked the pup.

“After taking note of that and speaking with Irith, we decided to start doing double walks,” Barr says. On these “double walks,” Barr had given Hugh even more time outside just after he first went potty, waiting for a few more minutes when went for pee the second time before confining him. “Irith thinks he just doesn’t empty his bladder entirely [the first time], so that is why we started implementing this,” Barr explains.

Day 2: Taking a personal control of program

Barr kept following all guidelines instructed by Bloom which include the double walk.

“Hugh was great during the entire day! No accidents in the kennel,” Barr says. “But, at night, my daughter decided to bring Hugh’s brother [that she’s fostering] in the house and they were running around, which should’ve been against the rules. That’s when Hugh had a few accidents.”

The one accident was when Barr did not take his time to let Hugh out.

“I was impatient. After he peed, he sat out there, and we both wanted to go back inside,” Barr admits. “So, without walking him again, we went back inside, and shortly after, he pooped in the house. The lesson learned from today was patience.”

Day 3: The day ended with some success!

On the third day, Hugh did not encounter any accidents. Hugh did not happen to poo or even peen anywhere in the house.
“Today is great,” Barr says. “No accidents today! The pattern Bloom set up for us has been working great as long as we follow it and don’t break the rules.”

Days 4 to 6: Training the dog is not enough training the family is also required.

As Barr come to understand immediately, it was not Hugh who needed to be trained a lot only to avoid accidents but the family as well.

“It got chaotic today,” Barr revealed on the 4th Day, just a day after Hugh spent the day without any accident.

Putting family schedules with puppy training was the hardest part. It led him to slid back into his wayward ways.

“When people don’t follow the rules, accidents happen, so Hugh had a few accidents today,” Barr explains.

Day 5 went just the same

simple guide potty train dog in 7 days
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“I wasn’t on schedule today, and I don’t blame Hugh for the few accidents he had,” Barr reported. “It’s was really hard to manage my time today. My schedule has been crazy, which has made it more challenging. When my schedule is normal, it’s better and I’m in more control.”

On Day 6, the Barr family put everything to use not to let Hugh poop outside and he followed. But at the end of the day something happened.

“He pooped in the house because my daughter took him outside without a leash,” Barr explains. “He also played outside with his brother, and when he came back in, he had some accidents.”

Day 7: Hugh was a sober good boy

simple guide potty train dog in 7 days
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On the very last 7th day, Hugh successfully made it through without encountering an accident.

“He’s been very good today,” Barr says. Hugh did have one accident the night of Day 7, but Barr believes that was due to fear. “I was running the vacuum and he may have been scared,” he reported the day after the challenge ended. Still, he continues, “he slept through the night and so far today is accident-free.”

However, this week of training did not have only one benefit of training Hugh but it was more than that.

“He goes in his pen on his own,” Barr says. “It’s his favorite place.”

Once the 7th day was over, Barr put light on the whole progress of the week.

“For the most part, it’s going pretty smooth. There have just been a few bumps on the road. But that is with everything in life,” Barr says. “When you decide to take on the dog, you have to decide to take on the commitment and responsibility. And when they’re young, potty training is a big one.”
Bloom was not only impressed with Hugh’s progress but Barr’s as well.

“Howard was great! He paid attention to my suggestions and made adjustments to increase the odds of success,” Bloom says. “I think Hugh did great as well, but it’s really Howard who deserves the credit.”

Tips for Quick Potty Training Your Dog Successfully

It’s a fact every dog is different and needs unique ways to train him. While Hugh’s schedule was very common one and resulted in complete success.

“As a general rule, if you take the dog out to potty every half hour during the daytime, and supervise closely and confine at all other times, you’ll be on the right track,” Bloom says.

Potty training an adult dog is comparatively easy

“For an adult dog, it can take as little as a few days,” Bloom says. “For a puppy, it depends on the age. The younger the puppy, the longer it tends to take. The smaller the puppy—or adult dog, for that matter—the longer it tends to take. This is because younger and smaller dogs have smaller bowels and bladders, so it’s harder for them to hold it for very long.”

Sticking to the schedule is key. You must follow the instructions you are given by the trainer and keep sticking to them. Not only you but your family needs to follow them accordingly to avoid accidents. If you could follow the instructions like Barr did you would make it in real quick time.

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