These 15 Animals Are Having Bad Hair Day And They Have Sported The Best Styles to Prove it

The hair are most important factor of everyone’s life and they can make or break your image if they are not behaving properly and at times they stand odd. Animals are no different individuals like they could be seen in the following pictures.

There are few important pictures that show what type of hair these animals are sporting that include a lion has his mane swept to a side, while the horse with quite lush locks moving down to the neck and the monkey that has a fit mohawk.

Well the other animals in the list have so fared well in the list like in an other picture the lion is having the worst hair day same goes with other animals. Check out these animals bad hair day styles.

#1 The lion at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent

The picture in question is of the lion at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent is seen sitting around with a glorious mane of hair swept over to a side and mostly are covered with the dew. Lion’s manes symbolize themselves to other males about their fitness as a competitor, and also sends manly signal to females about their mating suitability. The thicker and bigger it is, the better condition they are in

#2 The newborn baby monkey bad hair day

This newborn baby monkey sports a mohawk on his very initial outing into the worldly scene. All mammals naturally grow hair on their body, which is according to the scientists due to evolution to protect their skin from the sunlight by providing them self-defence from attacks by other animals and cuts and bruises from moving all over the thorny places.

#3 Polish Chicken’s bad hair day pose

Check out thid chicken with an incredible crest of feathers carrying on head. The truth is a great majority of chickens are bred to be used for food for meat or laying eggs. But chicken enthusiasts are also there who have spent their lifetime for breeding some of the unique animals just for the sake of show, such as this Polish Chicken

#4 A horse crusted with frost shows off its mane as it gallops through the grasslands of Mongolia

#5 A female hooded merganser duck

#6 Hipster lion’s bad hair day

This lion seems to have sported what seems to be a hipster man-bun and shaggy beard at the Nairobi National Park. 

The truth is this hairstyle could fit current human trends, in all likelihood it would repel lionesses, who are predisposed to be attracted towards lions with fuller hair, thicker manes because it is considered to be a sign of a well-fed male who would be suitable for breeding.

#7 Old lion’s bad hair day hairstyle

A heavily scarred lion shows off his receding mane-line which has seen and bore the test of hard times but good too when he was young with a splashing mane that attracted females towards him. Apparently no more. 

#8 A male lion that sports a thick head of hair to get into the bad hair day mode
A male lion that sports a thick head of hair while making a funny face to the camera at the Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, in South Dakota
#9 The Thomas’s Leaf Monkey – otherwise known as the Northern Sumatran leaf monkey 

This Thomas leaf monkey showing its very striking fur that could be desired by many. This monkey, as the name goes with it, is native to the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, specifically to the remote Aech Province. The badger-stripe mohawk on its head is the signature to be a healthy adult monkey, as the juveniles have solid cream-coloured fur.

#10 A freshly-shorn alpaca showing a wild ruffled tuft of the only hair left growing on its head. 

Alpacas are farmed for their wool in Peru particularly, and south America, but have been now spreading worldwide because the fibres are warmer than sheep’s wool, less itchy, and don’t contain lanolin – making them hypoallergenic.

#11 The baby gorilla from the Virunga National Park 

A one-month-old gorilla from the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo is held by its mother and has quite rough hair day. 
#12 A Gelada Baboon, found predominantly in Ethiopia

This Gelada Baboon has the worst hair day seems hard to comb.
#13 A Rockhopper penguin bad hair day picture
A Rockhopper penguin has been sporting this hairstyle and seems to be very annoyed its distinctive with his plume of yellow feathers. Unlike most other animal bad hair day hairstyles, which were supposed to attract mates any other day.  The couple male and female rockhoppers possess such amazing stripes that means it is unlikely to do with breeding. On the other hand, researchers believe these feathers  and stripes allow the penguins to distinguish members of their own species from others.
#14 This baby elephant in the Kruger National Park, South Africa on his worst hair day.

Check out this cute baby elephant in the Kruger National Park, South Africa,  who is sporting a wig off dry grass. 

#15 A Kudu in the Kruger National Park wears some ferns on its head. 

A Kudu in the Kruger National Park wears some ferns on its head. Many species of deer are known to ornament their antlers with vegetation. While the behaviour is not fully understood, it is likely something to do with attracting a mate, perhaps drawing attention to the size of the male’s antlers

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