50 Cats Confessing Crimes – Funny Cat Shaming

The cat owners adore their cats no doubt and we all know that these beautiful creatures but they are cynical, awesome, selfish, smart and clever. There are many diversities in them and thats makes them very interesting for humans too. They are fascinating no doubt but mean too. On the contrary, sometimes they turned out to be worst disappointments too at least for some but they still adore them.

Some of the cat owners that felt the need for sharing their naughtiness on Instagram and created @cat_shaming page to share those incidents where sometimes they are seen running room to room in haste and damaging something in the dead of night, dropping objects from the counter or do anything to disappoint us but we cannot stop loving them.

Cat shaming has become one of the few very popular cat related pages on Instagram with a great number of followers and people won’t stop sharing the hilarious crimes committed by their cats. Even though that’s not actually cat shaming rather people share their experiences to have a laugh. Amazing animal photos has round up 50 cats confessing crimes- funny cat shaming of cats of instagram.

#1 This is Phoenix who likes shoe designing and then relaxing.
Submitted by aguyandhisgals

#2 Emily here- I think my hunting instincts only apply to food in tins…
Submitted by @paul.rosemarie

#3 This is Enfield, and he just pooped on my English certificate.
Submitted by @haeklaride
#4 Hi. Im Morrison. This is the face I make just before I sneeze in my foster mom’s mouth.
Submitted by @kits_on_watts
#5 My name is Lyra and I decided to climb on top of the pantry and fall down the back of the unit. Took Mummy & Daddy nearly 45mins to realise I was there and then 20mins to get me out. Silly humans had to remove the kickboard so I could escape. My big brother Bodhi was meowing at the pantry the whole time but no one listened to him, our humans are stupid!
Submitted by @bee.f.m
#6 My name is Milo and I make my human carry me to bed every night. If she refuses I will argue with her and sit down and wait until she picks me up and takes me to bed with her. Why should I walk? I am king.
Submitted by @maria.camila.r_
#7 My mom teetered on top of a chair reaching for me, thinking I needed to be rescued. My claws to her face clarified that I did not. Mind yo business, mom.
Submitted by @melofmelrad
#8 Hi, I’m Bosya, and I like to help to my humom with her working routine.
Submitted by @daria_kkkkk
#9 Hi, my name is Nile. My big sister, Cairo, was super upset when my hoomans brought me home. Every time she starts to kind of like me, I do something like this to ruin it.
Submitted by @livinglifenude
#10 I lost my sleeping on the bed privileges because I puked in my mom’s hair while she was sleeping.
Submitted by @legss212
#11 Freddie and Frida here. Mom just found the corpse of the roach we brought her. Here waiting for the special thanks we deserve.
Submitted by @twelve_cat_paws
#12 My name is frayer, my mommy doesn’t allow me on the table or counters but technically I’m not on the table, I’m on my mommy’s laptop watching the mouse, it’s not like any other mouse I’ve ever seen?
Submitted by @kimster1975
#13 Hi it’s Sebby here again. I’ve now reached professional standards with clothes thieving and can use my body weight to open draws to pinch stuff out of. It also means I can now get on top of the wardrobe too – win win!
Submitted by @sebbythesass
#14 My name is Sadie. I was so mad that my humans made me move that I pooped in my dad’s shoe. He found out when he put his foot in it. They were so impressed by my impeccable aim that they could barely be mad at me. That’ll teach them to make me move again.
Submitted by @slim_veleee
#15 Heh fans it’s krum here again! My dad says I need to stop face planting my food when I eat but how else am I going to suck it down so quick??!
Submitted by @carreraboy911_991
#16 My girlfriend and I made biscuits..
Submitted by @subject0mega
#17 This is Billy… Billy The Bastard! Why? Because I pooped on the matt by the front door, so when my dozy human left the house at 5am he stepped in it and got it all in his car.
Submitted by @donna_sherwood10
#18 Very naughty boy lol
Submitted by @tuxedo_jupiter
#19 My name is Hunter, I love to sleep with my mama and graciously allow her to use my bed. Tho if she moves too much I bite her for it, alot.
Submitted by @lupicity
#20 The food thief
Submitted by @_littlekitkats
#21 I’m Smacky, and now that fuzzy blanket season has arrived I will only be getting up to eat and poop. And you should be glad I’m at least doing that.
Submitted by @jeankay3
#22 Yes, we had a repairman in the house…Yes, she kept biting his hand…Yes, she was very proud of herself…

Submitted by @chicken_belle
#23 Brand new couch gets some cat love.
Submitted by @lilgeorgia.missren
#24 We have a full bowl of water but we prefer to drink out of the sink while you try to get ready.

Submitted by @the_brothers_cat

#25 My name is Lola and I enjoy dipping my paws into any drink left uncovered. Milk is my favourite..

Submitted by @steffc1985

#26 Hi it’s me Maki, this is my bowl idk why my mom keeps putting fruit in it.

Submitted by @unianddmaki @_vicsan

#27 My name is Luna. I have the entire house to sleep in but insist on sleeping on top of my hoomom so she can’t sleep and complain bitterly when she wants to turn over. After all, it’s all about ME.

Submitted by @eidothea1

#28 Hi there ! I’m Matta and my passion in life is to jump on my brother and take a good bite on his fluffy belly and then hide under the cupboard to taunt him?

Submitted by @aurelien.raymond

#29 There was nothing on the shopping list for me. No treats for me? No food for you!

Submitted by @shonottra

#30 My name is Alfie and I thought it would be fun to play in an ant nest. Mom made me take a bath. All of the ants thought my mom was delicious!

Submitted by @bruce_and_alfie

#31 Cuddles is my name but I’m not just cuddly. I’m also an arse. Humom took hours to decorate for Christmas and I didn’t think twice for knocking the angels out. Not even sorry!

Submitted by @naughty_cats_house

#32 Hello, my kitten’s name is Puss. She is very naughty, especially at night. Rather than comfortably in the bed, she likes to sleep in various other locations. Most of all she loves scaling the mosquito net every night and sleeping on top of it after she is done shredding it.

Submitted by @clairegodbout

#33  I like to take jewelry out of the box and throw it on the floor.

Submitted by @hux_the_tux

#34 My name is Salt and I cost my mom $330 for a vet appointment only for them to diagnose me with being stressed since my moms boyfriend (who I like better) was gone for a week. Here I am in his lap. Love you, daddy!!!

Submitted by @itsachristastrophe

#35  Hello everyone, my name is Yumi and I love to pee in the toilet like my humans!

Submitted by @catnip.echo

#36 My names Ichabod. I snuck outside and then panicked when I came back and the window was closed. I thought I was “stuck.”

Submitted by @grindlayamy

#37 Hi! My name is Tiki and my humom needs a hug because I jumped on the dresser and smashed 2 pieces of her cat figurine collection, a scentsy, 3 candle holders and a wooden holder. Oops. I just wanted to look out the window.

Submitted by @stylesbyselene

#38 My name is Colonel Mustard and I refused to be nice to my aunt, even though she came over to feed me my favorite food twice a day for eleven days while my parents were out of town. I protested her presence the entire time.

Photo credit/best cat sitter is @goodbyeelliot

#39 That is Charlie and Santa had to put him in a slight choke hold so he would stop trying to escape to climb the trees behind them..

Submitted by @brandanasbananas

#40 Hello, it’s richard parker, my humans recently brought home a new small thing that makes weird noises, it’s pretty good as I now receive all these new toys, I bite when they try and take them off me tho!

Submitted by @ameroehrsg

#42 This is Billie Joe. He was always stealing food off Meowmy’s plate. As he was on palliative care, she spoilt him with his own plate of mini hooman breakfast. He refused to eat it until it was put back on her plate.
An adorable asshole right until the very end.

Submitted by @stacecarracecar

#43 Hi, my name is Luna and I hate going to the vet so much that they had to put me in this bag so I could get my iv fluids and not kill them all.

Submitted by @accio_world

#44 I put my foot in moms wine glass and then got mad at her when she put her hand over the cup to keep my toes out

Submitted by @the_tardloaf

#45 Hi! I am Zosha and I like to use the remote as a pillow. And then threaten anyone who wants to change the channel.

Submitted by @kuwaitkitty

#46 Hello! My name is Raffy and I am being a bad boy trying to get out anyway possible even if the doctor gave me 2 weeks house arrest.

Submitted by @xeniasandvaag

#47 Hi I am Rosa! I tried to climb my neighbor’s legs as she passed by. My mom had to come and help her cross the lobby safely. No Regrets.

Submitted by @xeniasandvaag

#48 This is lady Daisy enjoying her second dinner after tricking mummy into thinking that daddy did not give her any food. (He did only an hour before).


Submitted by @super_cecia

#49 My name is Taco. My mom brushed me and it look like I lost 10lbs. Does my hair pile make me look fat?


Submitted by @dee_radd

#50 Got a catnip toy for my Birthday. Things got a little crazy.

Submitted by @bali_the_cali



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