Your Misconceptions About Bats Will Be Removed After You See These Photos

These poor things have really got a bad reputation. There are so many misconceptions about them and not even half of them are true. Like many people have this misconception that they fly into your hair or that they suck your blood and some even think that they all have rabies. Now there is a very slight chance for these myths, only 3 species of bats feed on blood and less than 1% of bats carry the rabies virus. They would be more interested in eating some fruit or insect.

Lets take a look at these bats being their true selves in order to show how wrong these misconceptions are that we have attached with them.

Isn’t it amazing to look at a yawning bat?

Johny Depp seems to have fallen for this cuty pie

That look in the eyes of this cute bat is seriously so innocent to look at

Impersonating peepa pig? This so sweet looking bat seems so.

This bat wants to be closed to the heart and we know the place is right for him being a cutely deserving one!

A league of bats busy getting nourished.

If such a look in the eyes of any cat looks so innocent then why not to appreciate this fellow?

This bat has changed the way internet thought about the species before.

Don’t you think he is adorable?

What do you think?