Unlikely Friendship Between A Dog And A Quacker Surprises A Small Town of Minnesota

Irrespective of species becoming friends among animals is a rare find. Sometimes they form the most unusual bond by going across their kind, and this story is an epitome that fur and feathers can get along just fine. Some animals adopt other species, others go beyond to that as we have seen many mutants in the recent past but being different and still getting along is what society needs today. This pair has set the perfect example for all those who find it difficult to be nice to other races.

Meet Max

Max-the dog was just 5 year-old when he was adopted by Patrick and Kirsten Riley of Strout, Minnesota. He quick friendship with Sasha became famous across the neighborhood, another Husky they had at the time.

The Death of Max’s Partner

In the meanwhile, Sasha passed away after sometime, leaving a void of loneliness in Max’s life which remained so for a considerable time. An emptiness that was filled by a duck and he Max liked it well than anything else.

When Max Met Quackers

As soon as Patrick and Kirsten took home Quacker, Max was quick and took a liking to him. “Max would sit next to his pen all the time, and they just kind of bonded that way,” Patrick told WCCO-TV. “After we let him out, they never left each other’s side.”

The Long Road to A Lasting Bond

“They sleep together, they eat together, they drink together, they go for walks together,” Kirsten added. “Everything is together.” Most of the time they hang out along the Highway 28. Their friendship is so beautiful and is noticed and applauded by everyone around, many times the people have stop their cars to appreciate it.

The go miles walking in the road together. The people all around know them well now.

The Story of Friendship Goes Beyond

Strout is only 25-residents big, so the pair has become well-known in the area. “Sometimes on my way home, I actually hope they’re out there because they’re just too precious to look at,” neighbor Alisa Godejahn said. “We see people stopping over there all the time. The traffic gets clogged up over there sometimes because of all the pictures getting taken.”

The Internet’s Response

The people at twitter were quick to respond to it. They expressed their views about. Some also believed that the humans should learn from the pair. They can go along together being entirely different from one an other.

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