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Results Of The Best Wildlife Photos Of 2017

The destruction brought about by Hurricane Irma has shown us the harshness of nature but with the announcement of the 53rd annual’Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ we have been introduced to the beauty of nature. The wildlife photography awards and the winners have been selected for these amazing animal photos.

Out of a total of 50,000 submissions 13 entries have been selected and the judges have made sure that they belong to the different sections of photography.

The winner will get the ticket to London to attend the Award Ceremony and some cash prizes amounting to £10,000 will also be given. Let’s take a look at the photographs below:

1. Arctic Treasure by Sergey Gorshkov, Russia:


The Arctic Fox is looking for a suitable burial spot for the snow goose that it has caught. The lemmings that they catch during the summer months becomes the only source of food , for these foxes, during the long, harsh winters, on this Wrangel Island.

2. Bear-Hug by Asleigh Scully, US:


After having done with the fishing the mother , brown bear is heading back, with her cubs But it seems as if one cub wants to stay back and play.

3. Winter Pause by Matts Andersson, Sweden.


Winters here in the north are tough for the animals. The red squirrel paused in his search for food, closing its eyes but then after sometime he fluffed his fur and resumed the search.

4. The Power Of The Matriarch by David Lloyd, New Zealand:


It was evening and the elephant herd had come to the water hole. As they got closer to the vehicle David could see every minute detail of the animals. Such clarity was a gift for him enabling him to get the perfect shot.

5. BaldEagle by Klaus Nigge, Germany:


The Bald Eagle is named after its white feathered head as bald derives from an old word for white. The eagle is known as an opportunist as it can eat all forms of prey, whether its scavenged or stolen. Although it prefers to eat fish.

6. Resplendent Delivery by Tyohal Kasteil, Israel:


The photographer had been watching the pair of these colourful quetzals throughout the day, for more than a week. Nested on a tree in the Costan Rican cloud forest, the pair were busy feeding their young ones.

7. Sewage Surfer by Justin Hofman, US:


The Sea-Horses often take rides on the fast-flowing waters by holding on to some floating object or debris. This tiny sea-horse was seen floating near the surface on a reef near Sumbawa Island.

8. Saved but Caged by Steve Winters, US:


The hind leg of this 6 months old Sumatran tiger cub was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. He had been discovered in a rain-forest in Aceh province on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

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