Rare Escaped Snow Leopard Shot By Zookeepers Tragically in UK

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The most wonderful species make our planet more beautiful. These amazing creatures just poke our imagination to a higher level of imagination. But tragically some humans cannot get enough of the searing sight of these beautiful creatures however, there are others who want a piece of price of beauty these animals represent.

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Sadly, it is only our greed that many of such rare creatures that are amazing have been on the edge of vanishing from the face of earth. These rare animals are extincting quickly due to their hides, horns or driven out of safe homes for the security reasons. The truth is every single of these rare species is tragic when they die at the hands beloved humans.

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The whole of UK saddened when the news about rare snow leopard went viral. This eight years old leopard Margaash was one of the Dudley Zoo’s most priced species but that also provided hope to the naturalist for the propagation of its breed which is absolutely stunning both in zoos and in wild home in the alpine zones Eastern Afghanistan, Mongolia and West China.

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One of the Zoo Keepers at Dudley found the door to Margaash’s enclosure slightly ajar in the late evening. When he looked inside found out that rare snow leopard was missing. While the leopard was one of the big cats of that zoo and so massive that can easily take down any human of the size if the situation appears to be pressing.

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The zoo keeper team immediately mobilized and began the lookout for the big cat. It was not long ago when they spotted this big cat roaming around the zoo. The animal escape precautions were immediately taken and the team was provided with firearms to protect themselves and others as well. According to them it was code red or security at risk of everyone so they had the only option.

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Sadly, a senior from the zookeeper team was able to come in close range of Margaash to take the shot and regrettably took her down. Margaash was killed with a single shot so the poor rare species did not have to suffer. The loss is absolutely irreparable as these snow leopards are marked vulnerable on the list of endangered species and their number is keep decreasing.

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