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Meditative Montages of Wild Animals in Captivating Surrounding By This Artist Are Breathtaking

The popular artist Alice Zilberberg created solemn digital collages of animals that can help you self meditate. In fact cathartic element is clearly available in all her beautiful works. It can be seen in Meditations and a series of these montages could be witnessed in the solemn serenity that is unquestionably soothing.

The meditations are bsed on the compendium of fauna portraits. Each art work is carefully created from the photos taken by Alice, it culminates in smooth scenes that clearly smooth the surface between reality and fantasy. The colors used in the photos containing pensive poses with expressive dream-like environs show incredible end photos in order to “focus on the beauty of the natural environment.”

Credits: Instagram

Zilberberg creates these Meditative portraits to respond the “high pace and emotionally complex” to portray the sulking beauty of modern day life. She expects these portraits to be reminding the fans for quite contemplation.  She says, “In a world where many are constantly looking to the past or the future, these works aim to have a meditative affect on the viewer, promoting staying still to find happiness in the present moment.”

All the following wild animal montages by Alice Zilberberg emphasizes the power and supremacy of meditative art.
Photo Credits: my modern met

Deer piece traveled to Paris for the imagenationparis exhibition as part of parisphotofair

Detailed view of my new bison piece!
Photo Credits: my modern met
“I sometimes feel like I’d be happier if I could only be in another place, have access to the right resources, or know the right people. “
Photo Credits: my modern met
“I am then reminded that happiness is found in a state of being present, and that I have enough, right where I am. “Stay” is about staying still and finding happiness and tranquility wherever.”
Photo Credits: my modern met
 I have struggled with insomnia and chronic fatigue in the past two years. Very quickly, my day-to-day life changed from being normal to becoming just about getting enough rest at night.
Photo Credits: my modern met

so I can stay connected to my creativity and sense of self. Above Water reminds me of all the times I’ve told myself to keep my head up and to persevere through my struggles. It is about that middle point where I could give up and label myself defeated, or choose to look forward and smile, believing that tomorrow will be a better day.

I have to confess that I sometimes feel envious of other people. What they have accomplished and what they do
Photo Credits: my modern met

I sometimes want to see something different when I look at myself and my life.

 I’m realizing there were many little “deaths” along the way, things I’ve learned from and that are now behind me.
Photo Credits: my modern met
I’ve had an exceptionally transient year. I’ve left little and big things behind.
Photo Credits: my modern met
The crow is widely known to symbolize death, but crows are also a symbol of intelligence, flexibility
Photo Credits: my modern met

To me, the crow symbolizes the wisdom I’ve gained through the transitions and experiences. No more regrets, no more looking back, only looking forward.

To Reach The Artist Alice Zilberberg: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Behance

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