Funny Animal Photos (33)

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Funny animals are always treating us with loads of laughter. These fellows have their own typical way to give us laughs. When we are sad and nothing cheers us funny animal pictures are biggest motivation on internet. We see movies, videos and loads of other ways to entertain ourselves. But when it comes funny animal memes and funny animal photos nothing comparatively satisfies us more.

The list of following hilarious animal photos is a treat for all those who adore animals.

#1 Horse Vs Horse

The real horse cannot get enough of fake horse in the picture above. These guys are having a good time no doubt.

#2 Who is the boss in the following funny animal photo?

The picture in question has something unique to offer it shows us who is the real boss. And the award goes to Mr Birdie.

#3 The dog and the sign

The story goes as, this dog was trespassing through where that sign was installed. He simply removed it lol.

#4 The dog that laughs with a mouth wide open

#5 The road friend who shared something delicious 

sorry boy, I thought that was some liquid. No problem I am gonna drink it anyway.

#6 The crowned crow

This crow was crowned by a sweet friend and he is loving it. Dont you think he deserves that? He did man, he did.

#7 What a bite

What a catch dude. This birdie just won our hearts. Only if it is that way as we see it. He seems to be saying just give a bite, just a bite or I’ll have all taken by myself.

#8 The friends for centuries 

These two friends are photogenic. These have stolen the show seriously. Just look the way the couple is smiling after seeing the cameraman.

#9 Yeah yeah so so!

This look when I have something most amusing and I truly revel in it. This is funny photo by the way. Thanks to the photographer who clicked at the right time.

#10 Other dogs ain’t gonna learn how to dress like Germans right?

I am a big boi don’t ya get that. I am posing for the right photographer. This is how all dogs should dress. They like roaming around without any cloths on them.

#11 So sweet chiuuu… no no no..

No no I am not chiuuu I am a storm trooper with just some dental issues.

#12 Hello neighbor life is short lets have an affair

These two neighbor doggies were talking about something. One came to ask why was your owner shouting the other said let them. Life is short lets have an affair.

#13 Uummmo… you are heavy Mr dog I can’t breathe..

The dog wanted to pose a perfect selfie and sat in the palm of this king kong. But king kong even being made of some real concrete said, “You are heavy dude, I have stopped exercising being a statue all the time I cannot even open a jar, please step down.”

#14 The new sheriff has just arrived.. human alert..Stop!

Hello humans I am your new sheriff since you being a..h…. I have been appointed here.

#15 You must be joking I am not that much of a fool

This reason crows considered to be smarter birds. Raven knows that humans think he is a fool but they “ain’t I am the one who made my clan proud.”

#16 The competition is so high among us animals that I must find a unique way to be popular. 

Which page which page, the crows have memorized. I must surpass all others. They think only they can read and grasp human books well. We rats can rule the world. Remember ratatouille.

#17 Dogs can drive as well

These dumb humans got enough time to waste. They don’t care about taxes, politics and other matters much. We dogs must take charge of the world some day. First let me just finish with driving.

#18 Hey! hey you, stop!

Take a selfie for me you fool photographer. Don’t ya see I am all dressed. Have to send the selfie to my girl fried.

#18 Oh man I wanted this tickling.

This tickling amuses us means pigs. Yeah, being a human you can think of many things. Just give me that tickle and I am happiest pig in the world.

#19 C’mon boyss… let me take you to the chocolate factory

This dog is taking a bus of school boys to the chocolate factory. He being a charlie seems very properly dressed and responsible. Taking the charge in his own dog hands.

#20 It’s okay bro we were just… raccoons.. 

Don’t ya dragg the matter too much. We were just passing by. Not breaking in. Be cool hospitality is everything.

#21 Remember me..?

I do a lot of tv stuff. Very busy iguana me become. You cannot recall watching me over tv? Let me put the glasses on. How about now?

#22 Hell ya! I’m lovin it. Just like Mc D catchphrase. 


Hoo hoo! BooHooo! I got it I got it. It ain’t too much stuff. God.. can’t contain my excitement. This big three-wheeler is all enjoyment. Not too big.. Not too big, right.. Not too small.

#23 Hello world!

Hey mr dj. Put the music on. I wanna dance with my vj. Wait let me have the selfie posted first on instagram. Hashtags smart guy with shades.

#24 Hanging or hung up?

I was better off. This new swing is no more fun in the garden. I cannot forget how I used to enjoy such swings in the wild. O God! Missing old days.

#25 Yeah exactly I was thinking that for a long time..Whaaaaaaat?

Yeah exactly I was thinking that for a long time. Why would someone in the world rescue a chicken for any other reason. You know what I mean..mean world.

#26 Hey listen.. hello hello..!Not so surprised monkey…

You won’t listen boy. This is my territory. I live here and many thousands like me. You don’t belong here sirrr. Please ask your owner to take you away or I shall keep playing with your giant ears.

#27 Hooo Hoooo Hoo Hoo…what the heck

Since Harry’s ‘potter world’ is over. He could be seen everywhere. Yeah yeah I know about the fantastic beasts he ain’t in there either.

#28 Hello maim please see this drawing, me maketh to express feelings. 

These party girls must not adopt artists like us cats. We have to compete biggies like Picasso to express our hunger.

#29 Funny dog’s picture perfect

Hey how do I look now! te me. Don’t you see the persona, resemblance and charm believe thats me in the computer as well just the simulator version.

#30 Don’t ya dare!

I am a batman don’t you see. Don’t take me to the dentists I am telling you. I will bite you.

#31 poo poo poo poo poop!

Go away! poop factory is comin hard. Just leme get to the toilet. I am not joking some dumb ass has done this to me but…. poop is real.

#32 Yes I will catch you mr rat..

Hell yeah! I am pro at catching stuff. Just drop yourself in here. I am gonna catch ya in my mouth little rat. Just drop in.

#33 Say cheese!

Say cheese and I will click thats what I ask people to say. But they are always like this and the cheese keep dripping.

Photo sources: Acid Cow | Amazing Animal Stories

Those were funny animal photos that we thought must be shared with you. Please feel free to express your views we just want to put some smile on your faces somehow like these cute animals trying to.

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