Adorable Extremely Endangered Lemur Dances & Salutes To The Photographer

Pic By Varun Aditya/ CATERS NEWS:

This species of lemur is critically endangered and there are very few left in the whole world. They are typically very sharp animals and learn things so quickly. Besides their sense of humor is beyond this world.

The Most Endangered Species of The World Has Been A Gem to The Photographer

This endangered lemur dancing after realizing he has been given importance and photographed he even literally salutes to the photographer.

Pic By Varun Aditya/ CATERS NEWS:

A critically endangered lemur has been photographed dancing and saluting the camera.
Varun Aditya, 25, the Indian photographer seems at home with the lemur who took the exciting pics of the sifaka lemur n Berenty Reserve, Madagascar.

The Dancing Lemur

This white fluffy lemur has two of the most powerful hind legs that let him like other lemurs to keep bouncing sideways on the ground or jump as long ans far as 10 feet.

Pic By Varun Aditya/ CATERS NEWS:

These epic lemur photos taken by Varun present the lemur sashaying on his hind legs with his arms aloft just like saluting the photographer. We believe he is saluting to the photographer because lemur’s intelligence and understanding.

The Deforestation is Killing Wildlife Here is The Proof

He said: “Lemurs are beautiful animals and lemur species is even older than monkeys.”

Pic By Varun Aditya/ CATERS NEWS:

Generally these are few of the oldest species of the world.

“They always walk with their arms wide open. They hop on the trees and walk sideways.

“I took these pictures when they were walking on the ground and one of them looked at me giving the impression it was saluting me.”

The primates have been registered as extremely endangered as they make their homes on huge neem trees but due to deforestation on large scale and constant transition to their habitats they are now naturally compelled to come down to the ground and search food.

Pic By Varun Aditya/ CATERS NEWS:

As it being a universal fact that mostly animals don’t walk on four limbs all the times, lemurs prefer walking sideways on their hind legs that makes them unique in their own typical way. This feature also gives them the appearance they are doing a balancing act.

The Peculiar Behavior And Habitat of Lemurs

According to the photographer Varun the group of lemurs were gathering neem leaves from the ground when he managed to take these snaps which is their dancing routine.

He said: “They try their best to not come to the ground.

Pic By Varun Aditya/ CATERS NEWS:

“They run from trees to trees in search of food.

“But now with threat to their habitat and shortage of food, they come to the ground to pick up fallen fruits and leaves.”

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