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Hilarious Dumbo Proves Elephants Are Humans

The new mommy went out for a stroll with cute baby along with the herd but the impressive show was what the photographer did not want to miss. While the whole groups was roaming about across the African bush the mum was letting it all go awry.

Photo Credits: Catersnews

Renata, 51, said: “People were stunned by the lookalike breasts of this female elephant and human females.

Rentana Eward a professional South African photographer captures the hilarious event on camera at Kruger National Park.

Photo Credits: Catersnews

According to the photographer the visitors were amazed at how closely these giant animals relate to humans in every possible and sometimes unexpected way. He spends a lot of time in Kruger and he has never seen anything likes of that sort before.

He met with this breeding herd in the early morning stopped by at an obvious safe distance from there he had them on camera.

Photo Credits: Catersnews

Rentana says I noticed that particular female immediately with her baby and large elephant breasts that you could see in these pictures. He immediately took the photos of this mum elephant with boobs that were on the display for a while. He knew about it before but still having seen it right there was certainly amazing experience to to Rentana.

“I hope this photo helps people gain more respect for elephants – they carry their babies for 21 months, and then people slaughter them so disrespectfully for their ivory. It really breaks your heart.

Photo Credits: Catersnews

They are highly intelligent animals, with tight family bonds – they have so many comparisons to humans, and should be shown the same level of respect.”

It was right that moment that the photographer thought how humanlike these animals are. He says, that he loves elephants and is always excited to see them in person specially the breeding herds with small cute babies strolling around. And while seeing this herd, he felt very much happy as those babies were happily playing around.

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