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Deadly Cheetah Attacked This Impala But They Did Not Expect The End Result

Impala sweetly gives it back to the attacking cheetah and the cub.

This impala that was attacked first seems perfectly fine having been shaken off with these two dudes before making it big and saving his life. 


It happened in Masai Mara, Kenya the impala proved a magical beast during locked-horns battle. 

The Canadian photographs were snapped by the professional wildlife photographer Jeffrey Wu, 52, who kept following the Selenkai cheetah family for many hours.


Jeffrey said: “Selenkai ambushed a large male impala and caught him off guard. However he proved obviously far bigger for her than he had planned to bite into his neck to suffocate him.

cheetah and impala fight

The impala successfully held his ground and managed to stand during the bite by a cub when he rode his back. But soon the cub and Selenkai had to catch breathe and was forced to leave impala.


Impala shrugged off confidently after struggling a bit and ran for his life. Selenkai and the cubs chased the impala but it was too late.

Impala surprised the clan and next time they must sharpen their teeth with better blades.


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