25 Pics Of Cute Herbee The Hedgehog That 1.5 Million Cherish at Instagram

We all want a smiling hedgehog once or twice a day to peek at. And honestly if a cutely smiling hedgehog can’t put a smile on your face nothing can. However, when a dog or a cat joins the hedgehog it doubles the joy contained in that smile. The load of cuteness becomes heavy.
When these cute animals join the race called humans the internet becomes a place where you would happily waste your time. Only that can suffice to that justification alone.
However, in the meanwhile, an instagram account with names Mr. Pokee has been doing for a while and putting smiles on million faces with his petted hedghog Herbee and a cat. They both make a perfect friendship bond.
The hedgehog goes places with the owner and those moments are captured on camera. Herbee Hedgehog is a very small in size that can even fits in small spaces including pockets and zippers.
While adventuring this cute hedgehog smiles so well from the heart that you will smile back even if you are dead serious.

Let’s play a game: count how many times you think or say “aww” when scrolling through this delightful gallery and comment down below!

Check these cute hedgehog pics taken on different locations during the adventures.
More info: Instagram | mrpokee.com | Facebook


























Mr. Pokee waas an instagarm influencer with over 1.5 million followers and set the standards for other petfluencers that how life becomes ecstatic with simple joy. It was unfortunate that we had to part ways with Mr. Pokee when he passed away when he was 4 years ago due to a dental infection. The owner tributed Mr. Pokee with a tattoo on her wrist to symbolize pokee’s memories. We will never be able to recover this loss but we can keep smiling after seeing his instagram pictures.

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