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Beautiful Blonde Adopts Dozens of Homeless Monkeys

PIC FROM Free To Be Wild / Marlina Moreno/Caters

A beautiful and very young conservationist has become a mum after adopting dozens of orphaned baboons, monkeys and primates and these seem totally in love with the owner. 

The Background

Baye Pigors, 27, after making continuous efforts succeeded in setting up the Free to be Wild sanctuary in Zimbabwe back in 2014 the moments after having cared for an infant baboon and falling in love for the tiny primate. She She put her all efforts to use and made her mind to do something crucial for these species.

These Baboons and stunning blonde are totally at home with one an other

The following footage clearly shows the bunch of orphaned primates looming and cuddling around her adorably in the sanctuary and believe me it is the only one of its kind.

According to Baye: “Every one of the rescues done has its own real and sometimes shocking story and the whole place just feels like one big, diverse, funny farm of a family.

The Motivation

She was deeply motivated having found a loner baby baboon who had lost his mom to a killing. That baby baboon affected her so much so that she had to lave everything behind and take step forward.

She says “I started the sanctuary after finding a baboon whose mum had been killed on a farm and raising her.

PIC FROM Free To Be Wild / Marlina Moreno/Caters

After realizing there was no place for these poor primates to go anywhere in Zimbabwe for rehabilitation she made her mind to make the most difficult move.

“When there would have come a time to find a facility for her to go to, I realised there wasn’t anywhere in Zimbabwe that practised primate rehabilitation and release.

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Setting up The Sanctuary For Orphaned Baboons

PIC FROM Free To Be Wild / Marlina Moreno/Caters

She being a conservationist who truly value and love her jobs knew that these primates have been forced to live in captivity through out their life and she needed to provide safe haven for the baboon baby she adopted that was in very poor health. She promised herself to provide these cute baboons the safest possible environment.

She says, “Unfortunately primates tend to stay in captivity for the rest of their lives so I made a promise that I would be able to release the baboon I rescued one day, but this wasn’t going to happen unless I provided a safe environment for her.

“That’s why I started the charity.”

The footage and photos show the absolutely true story how these cute baboons playing around with Baye but also keep playing around among themselves.

They were captured by conservationists Marlina Moreno, 33, and Zander Beetge, 34, while they visited the sanctuary.

She has designed a tough routine for these baboons to keep them at bay following the trauma they had been through previously. That was the main reason they were orphaned. They must go through rigorous routine every day.

PIC FROM Free To Be Wild / Marlina Moreno/Caters

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Swimming With The Baboons And Playing Around

She swims and plays with these cute animals and also take them for long walks. She gives them her most of the time and she also feels very much contented and happy by just spending time with them.

PIC FROM Free To Be Wild / Marlina Moreno/Caters

Baye added: “I was taking a swim with six of our chacma baboon orphans, we take these orphans out for a bush walk everyday this is part of their enrichment.

“I love swimming with the orphans the best thing I can give them is my time, being in the present moment and realising just how privileged I am to be able to have these experiences.”


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