Shocking Selfies With Bear Might Surprise You

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Bears are considered worst beasts to live with and one of the exotic animals that must not be kept at home. But this bear which is fond of selfies is totally a different case. He loves taking selfies, does fantastic acting and has been featured in many videos and other media mediums. In a nutshell, this bear fond of selfies will make your realize education can teach any animal to be just like humans. Actually, Stepan considered itself to be rather a human. He has broken all stereotypes he can freely walk in Russia, is considered a celebrity for having been in many commercials, videos, music videos and also in TV shows let alone photoshoots because that is obvious.

It was considered a life threatening challenge as once a man was mauled by a bear for taking a selfie. Stepan lives like humans, yes with a family and considered himself to be the part of the family. Not only that he is a celebrity and knows it. You wont believe it right away just see these photos below.

Steven Seagal selfie with bear

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The famous action star had great selfie with Stepan and it is awesome. He likes it, probably Steven Seagal looks bit worries.

OMG! The dangerous bear attacking a family.

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The story goes behind this photo as the bear is actually scaring a family but this is for a TV show Stepan knows that. He was supposed to scare the visitors so he did quite well.

Stepan during a video shoot

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This a video where he is featured and did his bit for that.

Couple selfie with a bear

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This is actually the family that adopted him. He looks absolutely at home with them.

Extending a helping hand at home

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Stepan loves all the domestic chores just like you and me.

He is waiting for the turn

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Yes there Stepan is again. On a location for some shooting.

Bar B.Q. anyone?

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This photo is actually at the home. They are doing some photoshoot. Not quite the same as it appears in the photo above.

Lunch time

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We have heard many stories about bear attack man after selfie or selfie with bear death etc. But Stepan is a lovely bone to be taken guaranteed a harmless human being.

Model with bear selfie

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This model selfie with bear is seriously amazing patience and professionalism shown by Stepan. I just wanna have it around.

The beautiful girl selfie with bear

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The girl featured in the photo with bear was actually reluctant for a while but all settled in a matter of minutes.

Stepan during Christmas

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This selfie is during the winter of course you know how hard it becomes in Russia during December when the Christmas is around.

A deep thought 

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Very much engrossed in something that got his attention.

At home quite confident

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He seems at home everywhere all the time. But here he is very much happy because he knows that he has been standing before his own photo wall.

Watching TV

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Yes he is all ears when Russian president is delivering a speech. He listens to the news too.

Best bear selfie

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He stands very still during the photoshoots.

The age

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He knows he has grown old. He is 21-22.

Some of best selfies of bear with people

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That was amazing photoshoot. A pregnant woman selfie with bear just gives a hard time to believe and totally crazy idea at times too.

Stepan with a beautiful little baby girl.

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This little girl selfie with bear would have been a freaking idea. After the news about many people that have been killed selfies with bear. But this one is priceless, Stepan is absolutely harmless lovely human being.

Stepan’s amazing photoshoot

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Quite a pose this is. One of the many photoshoots of Stepan’s.

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The couple having good time with Stepan. 

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This is really awesome to see this beautiful beast behaving humanely. To educate an animal is very important specially when it happens to be an exotic animal. Nowadays, people take selfies with bears do risk their lives as well. But these folks are absolutely at home with this one.

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