Barber Creates Amazing Art Work on Horse Hair


This horse barber can do amazing close shave by carving amazing artwork into coats of her four-legged friends


The Horse Barber’s Perfected Art is World Renowned

This woman has been doing amazing artwork on the horse fur is popularly called as the ‘horse barber’ she has carved incredible pieces of artwork on furs by clipping into the coats her four-legged equine friends. 


Melody Hames is 32, and hails from Bury, Manchester, started set her Horse Barber brand five years ago and now has been clips artwork into horses’ coat all over the world for various many horse owners. These art pieces look fabulous on those horses. 

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She completed her education in graphic design at Salford University, said: “I’m as passionate about the standard clips as I am about the creative ones, but they always stand out. 



Her brand took the last five years to develop and get noticed along with her horse and ‘business partner’ Romeo, an eight-year-old Welsh Section D cob, who is considered a highly decorated centerpiece and represent much of her art work and clips those could be possibly done on other horses. 

A Flavor of artwork clips for everyone

She has perfected her art skills on horses fur all over the world from the United States to Ireland, now she creates amazing clips for a number of occasions with themes such WWI, many hit TV programs like Game of Thrones etc. some take as much time as 10 hours.

The Beginning And Progress of Melody’s Art Work on Horses Fur

Melody said: “I started clipping when I was around nine-years-old and it has now become my full-time job. 

“I travel around the world producing creative clips as well as teaching others the science and horsemanship behind clipping. 

She clips through out the year and it is not restricted to wintry horse coats season. She says

“I clip all year round and not just when horses develop their winter coats, so on average, I can clip around five horses a day. 

More Creativity Requires More Time

The creative clips obviously take more time and depend on how far I can get in a session. The horses well being is my priority, so if they become bored, I pack up and start again the next day. 

“People’s reaction’s are just amazing when they get to see the finished piece.”


World War I remembrance art work clip is close to her heart that she also shared at years Your Horse Live event that contains scenes from the Great War.

There are various other clips by her like dragons and red Indian themes including Alice in Wonderland themed tea party clip a tribute to Mcmillan Cancer coffee mornings and she could raise £1,588 with that alone for the charity.

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The Most Popular Clip That Went Viral Instantly


“The remembrance day clip really resonated with people and went viral quite quickly. It took me six weeks to do my research and I visited the Imperial War Museum to get some ideas. 

“Then I normally sketch some ideas down on papers and get started. 

“Sometimes I have to tailor the design to each horse as each one is different. For example, the coat colour or hair type, and might mean I have to change my technique.”

Future Plans


She has further plans to go back to the US and hold detailed demos for the new beginners that will help them specially those who want to take this as a serious profession and if they cannot reach out they would have opportunity to learn through online classes and courses.

She said: “I have big plans in 2019 to reach more people with an online course and more demos here in the UK as well as overseas. 

“I consider clipping to be an amazing art form and would love to get more people involved. 

“I have such a passion for it and want to inspire the younger generation with my designs.” 


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