52 Amazing Animal Photos of 2019 – Purrfectly Timed Photos of Amazing Animals

2007, Sandstone, Minnesota, United States --- A young raccoon (L) (Procyon lotor) plays with a young bobcat (C) (Felis rufa) and a young skunk (Mephitis mephitis) on a tree trunk at the Minnesota Wildlife Connection. --- Image by © Ronald Wittek/dpa/Corbis

Wildlife photography is absolutely very much demanding than we could ever think of. Just imagine for a while being immersed with countless mosquitoes swarming around you while waiting in the sweltering heat of despair and hope to get some of your best shots. Taking purrfect amazing animal photos is not restricted to hurdles of heat waves, during winter spending nights in the woods or some time snow-covered mountains and trees.

If you are lucky you can snap few shots but only if you are lucky otherwise you can just capture some casual animal photos. It is actually an art of patience, time, skill and love for amazing animals and absolutely of luck.

And by luck the perfectly timed photos can get you some awards. We have round up about 50+ amazing animal photos to show you some of the timeless clicks.

#1 The farmers have hired new workforce and they are hilariously perfect in their toil.

#2 The frog with antenna can control the satellites, at least it seems so.

#3 Let’s play football today. The weather is amazing and we are pro at this.

#4 Selfie please. Do you see my tongue out? It was supposed to be in cheek.

#5 Got a new friend today. He is amazing.

#6 Yippy, we have been selected for Happy Feet’s new part

#7 The two waiting dogs who are equally fond of one an other. The food will still take some more time.

#8 Tired of photographers. They keep clicking all the day

#9 This kitty is winning the internet. With all siblings hid inside the fur, she can manage to come out and see the world.

#10 The two of a kind. Friends and neighbors at the same time.

#11 The cutest cat of the world that knows she is cute.

#12 This cat can impersonate anyone.

#13 An other proof cats are liquid. They sit where they fit.

#14 The hanging monkey that likes to eat sticks too.

#15 This train is only for frogs. No other passengers are allowed

#16 Whaaatt!

#17 Do you want a bite? No..? Why..Please have some.

#18 This is absolutely unbelievable photo.

#19 Welcome to Kyrgyzstan two totally different type of motorcades of their own one being more alive and kicking.

Vehicles containing Kyrgyzstan’s deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyey and his aides and supporters drive in convoy on the outskirts of Jalal-Abad, heading to the town of Osh for a meeting with supporters in southern Kyrgyzstan.(AP Photo/Sergei Grits)

#20 Australia is amazing place. This photo shows an amazing photo of an athlete with this Kangaroo baby is so pleasing.

#21 Sandstone, Minnesota, United States A young raccoon (L) (Procyon lotor) plays with a young bobcat.

Sandstone, Minnesota, United States — A young raccoon (L) (Procyon lotor) plays with a young bobcat (C) (Felis rufa) and a young skunk (Mephitis mephitis) on a tree trunk at the Minnesota Wildlife Connection. — Image by © Ronald Wittek/dpa/Corbis

#22 Ye, I am hellfrog like hellboy.

#23 We are cleaning helping mommy do the domestic stuff

#24 Catches win matches so do jumps and this jumping dog’s story is no different.

#25 Boy! Don’t bother me iight or I will be of no more help to you nor would the doctor.

#26 I like to read newspaper just looking for a place to enjoy the new stories.

#27 Lets go for trekking mommy. Don’t worry I am just a little overweight not fat. I can manage that.

#28 You can’t take that all of it.

#29 Okay take this photo but don’t tell others.

#30 Nope, I am not interested thank you.

#31 This cute bird is soooo beautiful that it is difficult to express in words.

#32 Make some room for me brother or else you will be alone and won’t be able to dismount.

#33 It’s my toy gi it to me. Naaah! it belongs to me. Mommy gave it to me to play with

#34 I am gonna catch it no worries. Just a little more.

#35 Hiding away

#36 We need a sun bath and then a proper bath.

#37 We have to stick together. Yeah but stop licking me.

#38 Don’t you even think that. You are no match for me. Just don’t even think of that I am telling you.

#39 This young elephant seal is quite threatening the intruder.

young elephant seal threatening the intruder

#40 Go away I told you.

#41 I wanna play more. Cannot give these tennis balls back to you if you don’t promise me a fair play.

#42 Some small people roaming around me. They think I can’t see them.

#43 A company of their own. One of the perfectly times amazing animal photos.

#44 This tigress is an absolute tigress.

#45 An oilfield on fire

Vogels vliegen over de brand en worden verlicht door de vlammen.

#46 No mom, I can’t go to the dentist.

#47 We are coast guards here. You are not allowed to park here.

#48 The new member of the family

#49 Go away folks. You have had enough number of selfies. This is one of cute amazing animal selfies.

#50 Welcome to snowy days, we love winter here.

#51 Yes, I will pray for you and thank you for taking time and coming to photograph me.

#52 Like my Ray Ban glasses? They are natural

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