20+ Reptiles Photos With This Girl Are Really Tongue-in-Cheek

You have seen many people living with reptiles and without a doubt with dangerous ones. Frankly, these amazing animals are just like us. They know their friends and foes just like humans. If you treat them well you get the same affection back or otherwise.
This Instagram goes with the name venomous has totally changed the way we look at these reptiles. This big giant turtle with the girl look absolutely at home and a very old one too. There are other reptiles too that show the same affection towards the her.

Check out these reptiles photos with the girl you want to be by amazing animal photos.

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If their temperature dips below 50 degrees they explode.

they like it hot

Don’t ever feed your tortoises store bought flowers

It is true.

These scream at the top of the voice all the time specially when you hold them.

The sun is scorching needed a shade

Very professional one. This girl has been with these reptiles since ages.

Halloween at the doorsteps!

Now we see why this Instagram is called Venomous.

Gallapagos are such amazing reptiles this is one of those animals I want to actively help preserve one day.

What type of dragon is this?

Treats from the yard “flowers” and the beautiful colors on this male frilled dragon.

One of the most frequent questions people keep asking her is “which is better, the giant Aldabra tortoise or the giant Galapagos tortoise?”

Truth is, they are both amazing. If you’re considering a giant tortoise, I highly recommend either species for a lifetime commitment of stinky, slow, eternal love.

Well it’s still really hot in Florida this September day with Solei.

Turtles and tortoises are the oldest living reptiles around.. They survived multiple mass extinctions throughout the eras. Sadly tho, they don’t stand a chance against humans.

If you want to read about her article at  REPTILES_Magazine, all about captive breeding endangered reptiles and amphibians, called “assurance colonies.”

Saturation, sensory, overload.

They the beautiful protection of their own and it is wonderful to see they never get attacked that easy due to that natural protection.

Big day of eating ahead

When your friend really has your back.

Such a beautiful flower

A gathering of folks around

Have a great weekend everyone, eat some greens with your friends.

How beautiful the black shell looks in the sun.

Let me have some more.

Four Wheeler

When you don’t want to wake up

The curtly look the faces of both is just cute.

The green snake that makes you smile

A joy ride you always enjoy

The blackness of the shell is amazing

Grandma talks too much I know but all I want is to eat.

This dragon thinks too much and becomes a scientist of repute among reptiles.

The color of the skin

Lets talk about the oldest turtle in the world. I am also going to be the next one.

This turtle’s jaw drops at the yumminess of the food she enjoys.

These amazing reptiles from Florida are so cute and adorable and their keeper has been looking after them all the time really makes our hearts melt. How close bond they share together.