Why Dogs Love to Burrow Under Blankets

Does your furry friend love to sleep under your bed covers? Do They dig into their blankets before they take a nap? This is a popular dog behavior that a lot of people find adorable. It can help your canine relax and enjoy quality rest at night

Reasons Why Dogs Like to Burrow

But there are actually a few reasons why your canine likes to burrow underneath blankets and sheets. Let’s take a look.

They Like to Feel Safe

One of the reasons why your canine sleeps underneath a blanket is that they like to feel safe. Indeed, your dog is vulnerable when they are asleep. So, they can feel more protected when they have something on top of them. Even a simple sheet can make them feel like they are not exposed to predators. It is their way of hiding and relaxing in order to enjoy a good nap during the day or at night.

They Like to Be Warm

Dogs are animals that love to be warm. Have you ever noticed that your furry friend lies directly in the sunlight? Well, this is because being warm is relaxing and comforting to them. The same can be said about sleeping underneath and burrowing into blankets. This is something that your dog might be doing to stay warm when it is cold outside. With woof blankets your pup can burrow and stay cozy all night.

They Like Having a Den

It is important to remember that the ancestor of the dog is the wolf. This means that they take a lot of instincts and behaviors from their ancestors. In particular, wolves are pack animals that like to have a den. This is somewhere they feel safe and they go to rest. It is their own space and they can feel protected. This can also be a reason why your pooch is burrowing underneath blankets. Your canine is satisfying their instinctive need to have a den.

A lot of people worry about their canines when they burrow under blankets. In particular, they can get very hot and people wonder if they are able to breathe properly. But, most of the time, it is going to be safe for your furry friend to have a nap underneath the blankets. You should just make sure that they have a way that they can easily get out if they are too hot. In addition, the blanket or sheet should be made from a breathable material.

There are some breeds of dogs that you should keep an eye on if they are burrowing under blankets. In particular, if your pooch has a flat face, they can have breathing problems and being too hot can lead to exhaustion. So, if you have a breed like the English Bulldog or Pug, make sure that you keep an eye on them when they are underneath blankets and sheets. This can make sure this does not happen.

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