Unbelievable Camouflage Pictures (17)

Photography by Victor Mukherjee / Shutterstock

Amazing animals keep surprising us in various forms, shapes and with unknown capabilities of theirs. When it comes to camouflaging kings,  mother nature has real masters of disguise who are not only chameleons but certain other species as well. There are many fantastic animals that can impress us with the best of camouflaging abilities.

The scientists cannot explain the phenomenon of camouflaging by these animals, all they believe is that these masters of disguise release some pigment into other parts of the body that leads to camouflaging or acquiring the color of environs around. On a serious note seeing the following camouflaging animal photos we might miss them even if they are sitting right before our eyes.

#Common Baron Caterpillar 

via Photography by kingfisher / Shutterstock

#Stick Insect

Source Photography by Paul Looyen / Shutterstock

#Goldenrod Crab Spider

Source Photography by Henrik Larsson / Shutterstock

#Leafy Sea Dragon

Source Photography by Kris Wiktor / Shutterstock

#Malaysian Orchid Mantis

Source Photography by Roger Meerts / Shutterstock

#Disappearing Octopus

Source Photography by Stephan Kerkhofs / Shutterstock

#Dead Leaf Butterfly

Source Photography by Christopher Tan Teck Hean / Shutterstock

#Pygmy seahorse

Source Photography by Jens Petersen / Wikipedia

#Orange oakleaf butterfly

Source Photography by twospeeds / Shutterstock

#Vietnamese mossy frog

Source Photography by davemhuntphotography / Shutterstock

#Lichen spider

Source Photography by Arthur Anker / Flickr

#Devil scorpionfish

Source Photography by Kristina Vackova
Source Photography by Take Photo / Shutterstock

#Great rockfish

Source Photography by scubaluna / Shutterstock

#Great grey owl you might have seen such unbelievable camouflage pictures in real as well.

Source  Photography by Critterbiz / Shutterstock


Source Photography by Victor Mukherjee / Shutterstock

#Plate fish

Source Photography by Benoit Daoust / Shutterstock

These unbelievable camouflage photos of animals are what we might have passed by without noticing them many times during the day even in bright day light. These camouflage animals are way smarter in other things as well.





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