Extremely Rare And Popular Animals On Internet

Social media has given power to everything including our lovely pets. When it comes to their owners or the people who come in contact with these animals and share their stories on social sites they are hitched up by the users. Here are most popular stories and animals on social media these days.

The First Popular Animal Story

This flying wizard is very rarely seen but its popularity is boundless.


The Second Most Popular Animal Story

The Scolopendra gigantea, aka the Amazonian giant centipede it looks creepy too.


Popular Animal Story 3

Very Popular Friends This Dog And Fox. They have been in the news for last six months everywhere. Both are owned by the same owner live in the same house and together according to the owner.


Popular Animal Story Number 4

This mutant color Kermode bear at least some believe or keep writing about it so.

The rare “Spirit” or Kermode Bear. A rare color mutation of the Black Bear gives it this distinguishable featured color. This image keep making rounds on social medias. I see a lot of sense in it.


Popular Animal Story 5

This Meme keep spreading everywhere with saying about Google being amazingly great.


Popular Animal Story 6

These dog collars are making noise and social votes for being extremely needful for the dog owners for safety along with precautions.


Animal Story 7

The Octopus Eggs with babies in Their

The most intelligent of all invertebrates for some reason and the scientists believe so about them owing to their capacities.


Animal Story 8

Nomura’s jellyfish From Japan

A very giant looking Nomura’s jellyfish dwarfed a diver and the image was captured by Brazilian photographer Lucia Terui in Echizen, Japan.


Popular Animal Story 9

The Glass Frog

The glass frog or transparent frog or “see-through frog” is very unique frog that is named being with translucent skin. They are almost 60 different glass frogs in the world that live in Southern Mexico, Central America, and South America.


Popular Animal Story 10

Animal Rain or Animals Entrapped in Rain Drops

It is a phenomenon when the animals like bats, fish, snakes, birds, frogs and Jellies are trapped in rain drops and they rain with not only that some of them get trapped for a long time.


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