Skin Problems In Cats And How To Treat Them

 Does your catch itch, scratch or have a dry skin, read these tips to take immediate action against it. This post will answer skin problems in cats and how to treat them including following questions:

1- How do you know if your cat has skin problems?

2- Why does my cat have fleas?

3- What to do when a cat itches or scratches a lot? 

4- What does dry skin on a cat mean?

          Recognizing, Diagnosing and Treating Cat Skin Conditions

When we pet our cat’s fur it should feel soft, clean and very fluffy. If you find redness, lumps, flaking or any irritation while petting, it might have a skin condition which needs urgent attention. If it keeps licking or scratching constantly, it’s a sign she needs attention. 

Why do cats itch?

There could be many reasons for your cat’s itching or dry skin condition. If there is a serious sign of irritation consult the vet to diagnose it. The vet may take some necessary tests but there are some common causes which are: 

Why Do Cats Become Intolerance Of Some Foods?

This can occur as a reaction to certain kinds of proteins in your cat’s food. Various proteins act differently on different cats. Some cats become intolerant of certain foods. 

How Do Cats Develop Allergies?

When cats become in contact with fleas or inhale allergens like pollen or dust particles they develop certain allergies or even sometimes a treatment method may cause allergies. 

Skin Issues Caused By Parasites In Cats

Lice, mites or even fleas can be a cause of your cat’s skin problem. Some parasite bites irritate the cats and they start scratching themselves which damages their skin. 

Hormonal Changes In Cats

There are many hormones which cause imbalances in cats and result in skin problems. These consequences lead to other serious problems later on in life.  

Bacterial Skin Problems In Cats 

There are many bacteria which get introduced to cats somehow and cause many bacterial infections in cats’ skins. 

Signs to identify a cat’s skin problems

It’s difficult for beginners to notice skin issues in cats easily. As they keep cleaning their fur continuously, identifying cats’ skin issues is itself a problem. There are signs you should look out for to see if your cat has any skin problem or not. 

1- Pimples or some red spots on your cat’s skin. 

2- Cat’s skin becomes thick or scabbed. 

3- Cat’s skin becomes very dry or appearance of scale patches 

4- Loss of hair 

5- Oozing of very bad unpleasant odor. 

6- When cat keeps scratching continually or keep licking and rubbing her skin against rough surfaces

What to do when a cat itches or scratches a lot? 

If you have a cat you will realize cats scratch and lick a lot. Sometimes the scratching becomes prolonged. There could be so many reasons for that. 

Checking for parasites on the cat 

Keep examining your cat’s fur and skin meticulously to see if there are any fleas, mites or ticks on it. If there is any, take it to the vet immediately and follow the treatment. He will recommend the treatment that you should follow strictly. 

Identify Skin Allergies In Cats 

If the cat becomes restless but is healthy and totally pest free then she might have come in contact with some allergens like molds or pollen etc. These allergies cause dermatitis, skin inflammation or scratching and loss of hair may be caused by it. 

 Always Feed Your Cat Properly 

Even if any skin conditions of your cat may not have been caused by the food directly, the proper feeding will provide her strength to battle it. Always choose cat foods containing proteins in great quality, fatty acids and antioxidants. These all ingredients will nourish her and protect her cat’s skin. 

 When To Consult A Vet For Your Cat?

The skin problems are caused due to various reasons. Some bacteria imbalances, allergies or parasites result in many issues which are not restricted to skin but stress too, is oftentimes, caused by them. 

If anything of the above mentioned conditions appear always consult the veterinarian immediately. 

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