25 Real Life Imaginary Dragons That Look Just Like From Game Of Thrones


Since the end of the HBO’s Game Of Thrones a new rejuvenation for Dragons has ensued among masses across the globe. We are in 2020’s and the TV series make us think do Dragons really exist?

Pretty recently Jurassic Coast which is a World Heritage Site by the South Coast of Britain and has remained famous for its fossil finding and Paleontology. The fossils found their date back to 65-250 million years. The tourist come to look for signs of life existed million years ago.

Three sculptors sculpted a Dragon Skull at Charmouth Beach which the tourists thought to be real. Later it was reveal that they artistically crafted it honor the arrival of Game Of Thrones new season.

proof dragon exist


However, it is still unclear whether Dragons existed or not. Yet we have gathered some of the very realistic dragon pictures that look phenomenal even though when Game of Thrones has ended.

Spit Flame by Chris Rahn

Feary King

Terror of Mount Velus by Billy Christian


Morning Light by madnessdemon

Dragon Rider by Clément Blum


Dragon Pillar by Tyler Smith

Imaginary Dragons

Dragon – By 000fesbra000


A Green Wurm by Kekai Kotaki


Dragon Queen – By LucasGraciano

Imaginary Dragons

Dragon Queen – By LucasGraciano


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