Cats & Dogs Profile Pictures Looking For Owners Will Break Your Heart

A good, captivating image matters a lot and you will see that more  people will connect to your cause depending on the perfection of your profile picture. Because your profile picture in a way sums up your personality as a good, captivating picture will project you better. The same can be said about shelter animals as pictures can lessen or increase their chances of finding foster homes. By breaking a 48-year old adoption record Florida’s Orange County Animal Services has proven this thoery that good photography plays a major part in the rehoming of animals.

“In the past, intake photos (which are taken immediately upon the seizure of the animal) might be the only image a person sees,” OCAS told PetaPixel. “But those pics are mainly for documentation, and identification for lost owners — they are not quality images. Often the animal is frightened, injured, and overall doesn’t connect with a prospective family. For a long time, this was the only or primary means of photography some shelters had, including us. A quality image makes the difference in motivating someone to come meet an animal in person — especially in rural communities. Amazing photography, coupled with social reach, have helped us take adoptions to new levels.”

Last year OCAS was able to get stunning results, when the adoption rate, of these shelters animals,rose. The Orange County Animal Services had hired a former photography volunteer, Albert Harris, whose photography directly supported the adoption process.

“Nothing compares to a captivating image,” said OCAS. “We find that people are connecting in a way with shelter animals that we’ve not seen before. Photography allows a family to see the dog’s personality, playfulness and of course – complete adorableness.”

Profile picture with amazing dog can help find the owner.


How beautiful this cat looks and how wonderful this makes for a profile picture


This sad dog looking for the owner. This profile picture is so overwhelmingly powerful that it can actually make you sad.


Look at this beautiful profile picture of very sad looking cat.


Cutest cat in the world looking for the rightful owner.


This little cute cat cub is all crying for owner. Some one just did the wrong thing to her. Sadly, people should reconsider their actions towards these small animals.


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