20 Photos of the World’s Largest Pet Cats You Have Never Seen Before!

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Having a cat at your house is one thing but having a large giant of a cat is something else. Here are 20 photos of the world’s largest pet cats, these domesticated cat photos are not only amazing but also makes us with the normal sized cats realize what a hard job it is to keep a large cat as a pet.

Largest Cat in NYC

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Huge Cat Hunting for Food

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Garfield Look Alike Huge Cat

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Maine Coon – What a Beauty!

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Gorgeous Kitty

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Samson – 13kg cat living in NYC

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Wonder what they feed her?

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Omar – World’s longest cat

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Stewie – World’s Longest Domestic Cat

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Cat chasing a Fox!

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Big beauty!

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Huuuge Kitty

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Huge Cat

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Gorgeous Cat

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Killer Cat!

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