Largest Number Of Border-Collies Make A World Record

Dogs are very friendly and social animals and the presence of even a single dog will bring a big, positive change in the day. But here in Willaston Park a new world record was set when almost 576 Border Collies got together.

This event organized by  the Border Collie Owners of South Australia group besides setting a new world record also raised over $6,000 for charity. Though the Guinness Book of World Records did not acknowledge bench marks relating to specific breeds but still the collies and the collie-lovers had a great time.

Border Collies Owners of South Australia group organizes a gathering of 576 Border Collies.

The previous unofficial record of 503 collies was held by Dr Katrina Warren.

This time 576 dogs were confirmed to have attended the event in Willaston Park.

And even though Guiness Book of World Records does not acknowledge various benchmarks relating to specific breeds.

Collies and the Collie-Lovers had a great time at the gathering.

The owners belonged to the various walks of life but had one common species.

Looks like a gathering of clouds.

A swarm of border collies rallying everywhere.

Moral of the story: Collective efforts always make a big impact.

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