UPS Drivers’ Bond With Their Canine Friends is Pleasing Everyone at Facebook

Though jobs do become tedious  at times but they all have their bright side.Similarly postal workers, though their job is really tough delivering mail in all sorts of weather, but the best part comes when they are greeted by their customer’s dogs. It reaiiy brightens your day when you are greeted by their wagging tails andwelcoming barks.

A UPS driver Sean McCarren is well aware of all this so he has created this Face Book page to pay homage to his canine friends. Those loving friends who have always made his daily routes much enjoyable.

These postal workers have made a nation-wide network of these UPS dogs and they post the pictures of these pups on the Facebook page.  The net-work has been established since five years  and is moderated by McCarren himself. “It’s a good example of the relationships our employees build with their customers, two- or four-legged,” a UPS spokesperson told Buzzfeed News.

Lets have a look at some of these UPS Dogs:

This dog knows well what he is inside. Does not look quite interested.

Quite complaining after seeing the tasteless food inside.

Oh Boy! I am quite certain I am gonna make it this time.

Yeah! He seems to have understood the command very well.

Sharing the bond with UPS caretaker.

Ready to go for the work.

UPS Dogs: That look in the eyes, who will dare to look back at?


Entertaining the company of a few animal friends. 


The proud upsers with their own 2 German Shephards. 


Waiting to see the goodies inside those boxes.

Gizmo and Leo love their upsers. 

Stella and Zeus lost in their own fantasies.

What do you think?