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UK Government Bans Animal Sale After The Story of This Poor Pup Goes Viral

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The UK government has taken prompt action to protect animals. The third party sales have been banned of kittens and puppies under the age of 6 months. Now the commercial sales are banned by dealers and if someone want to adopt an animal they cannot get it through commercial sellers. They will have to contact breeders or animal shelters.

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The breeders will have to show more concern for animal well being and the step will make it impossible smuggling of cats and dogs.

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The breeders can interact with customers directly without involving third parties for sale or hide that will make them bear the responsibility of these animals to be treated well.

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This step will shrink the risk of animals health issues that pets had to undergo while held under poor environs by puppy farmers.

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The ill treatment of a puppy names Lucy came to light after the campaign launched against these puppy farmers for mistreating the poor dog that was rescued from a puppy farm.

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Lisa Garner, who rescued Lucy, said “We launched Lucy’s Law a year after her passing as a tribute to her and all the breeding dogs that are hidden from the public.”

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These dog breeders hold them in appalling circumstance and must produce a small number of them to avoid such conditions. “Her body was broken when she was rescued at five years old,” vet Marc Abraham, told BBC 5 Live about Lucy’s condition.

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The animal support groups, shelters and the common folks endorsed this move to make it compulsive for protecting helpless animals. Lucy’s story went viral on social media and a great number of people showed sheer concern over the ill treatment of dogs by puppy farmers. The UK government bans animals sale by these parties hopefully this step will help the poor plight of these animals to improve.

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