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Strange Friendship Between Cats And Dogs Set Social Media on Fire

Possessing totally opposite personalities our pets, the cats and dogs find it really difficult to live in the same household. A strange love-hate relation exists between the two, sometimes they would become the very best friends from the very first day they meet while on other occasions they would simply refuse to agree on anything at all. Constantly carrying on fights they would find excuses to give the other a showdown.

This situation does pose a question, whether these pets can live in a friendly atmosphere or not? These pictures will enlighten us.


Our dog has really taken a liking to our cat. You can see how well they get along.


You can rest while I keep watch says the cat while the dog prepare for a nap after a session of play.


It’s play-time for the family.


Cats and dog playing chess. Watch out for my next move.


Comforting friends at times of pressing need.


Just adopted a dog and our cat’s expressions say it all.


Get up sleepy, its a play-time.


Don’t be sad we’ll get along pretty well.


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