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Richest Cats in The World – These Cats Inherited Million Dollar Fortune

Ellen Frey Wouters, a childless widow died at the age of 88 and left her $3 million estate to her cats, making Troy and Tiger the richest cats in the world. According to the New York post the widow gave instructions that the felines would be taken proper care of and that they would be allowed to move about freely.


Frey who had a job in the United Nations died in 2015, 36 years after her husband passed away. Their only child died when he was an infant, so she treated the cats as her children.

Tiger who was a former alley cat is leading a very good life in Ocala and is being taken care of by Dahlia Grizzle. “He deserves it,” Grizzle said. “He’s a wonderful cat.” The other cat, Troy, is living with, another one of Frey-Wouters’ former home health aides. Pohila  has refused to discuss Troy with The Post to respect the feline’s “privacy” rights.


After the death of these cats the balance of their trust will go to Frey_Wouters sister who lives in Netherlands. Whatever is left behind of the $3 million estate will be divided equally between her two other home health aides, different charities and of course her lawyer.



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