Someone Puts Sunglasses on Homeless Albino Dog to Save Him From Sunlight Becomes Instagram Star

Photos Via Netta McKay/Fiona Macdonald/Caters News

Sunlight could have killed this abandoned albino pooch but getting his latest sunglasses he has become a social media sensation. The sunny days are in Australia and the opposite is UK’s weather. But literally speaking, Australian sunny days are really scorching for common animals, but this particular rare albino dog could face even worse than that. His skin is very sensitive to sunlight and eyes would not even bear it.

The Rare Disease That Makes Him Differently Beautiful From The Rest
Photos Via Netta McKay/Fiona Macdonald/Caters News

He goes with the name Sherlock the schnauzer suffering from a rare form of canine albinism which would not allow him harsh Australian sun for long otherwise he will get burned.

Sherlock is a Melbourne based pooch and is also could develop a fatal skin cancer so he must slather on typical doggy sunscreen and keep his sunglasses on while going out.

Rare Genetic Condition
Photos Via Netta McKay/Fiona Macdonald/Caters News

This is a very rare genetic condition which creates a shortage of melanin in the skin tissues, that also gives us insight that this rare albino pooch was born with pure white fur and electric blue eyes despite the fact that his mother is a normal black schnauzer.

Photos Via Netta McKay/Fiona Macdonald/Caters News

When Sherlock was just 10 months old, his previous owner had abandoned him. He had been placed under the care of dog-mad Netta McKay who is a proud animal mum for a decade. She fell in love with Sherlock as soon as she saw him and adopted him permanently.

Adoption And Beyond
Photos Via Netta McKay/Fiona Macdonald/Caters News

Netta is a foster mum to many different dogs. But she liked Sherlock a lot for his tender nature and uniqueness. He is a relaxed and chilled dog with funniest little personality.

Netta said: “I had absolutely no intention of keeping Sherlock.

“I foster lots of different dogs and I always do the right thing and send them off to their new home.

“But I just fell in love with him instantly, there was something about him. I didn’t know what to expect but I just knew he belonged to our family.

“He is such a relaxed and chilled-out dog and has the funniest little personality.

For more real insights into the life and adventures of Sherlock check out this video

“I tell my husband that he is never allowed to walk him on his own because Sherlock is real chick magnet – especially with those sunglasses”

Albinism in dogs in general and particularly in pooches can lead to serious vision and hearing problems. But in the case of Sherlock he has no big issues to tackle these days. He is absolutely fine without symptoms.

When it comes to his sunglasses – dubbed ‘doggles’ – have even helped him gather up thousands of fans on Instagram and Facebook.

More Info: Sherlock is on Facebook & Instagram follow him.

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