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Maya The Tabby Cat Found Safe Haven Finally After She Was Rescued


Maya an year old tabby cat looked and acted a bit differently due to some chromosomal abnormality. Found behind a Chinese food restaurant, she had been brought to the kill shelter to be put to death. Nobody even had a tiny bit of hope that anyone would want to pet her.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary found her and brought her with them. They helped her find a family with whom she is living now, by posting her photo on the Facebook page.

Maya is an year-old-cat.

Maya the tabby cat looked differently due to chromosomal abnormalities.

Here you can see how she looked differently. She was found behind a Chinese restaurant.

Sadly, she was brought to kill shelter to be put to death as seeing her abnormal condition it was thought that no one would pet her.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary, made efforts and adopted her with a promise to find her an owner.

Soon she was handed to an owner who adored her.

Now she lives with a family.

She keeps playing with kids and enjoying her time.

Moral of the story: Actions should define you, not the appearance.

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