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Felines Versus Foes – Fusion Of The Felines And Their Prey

Its rather difficult to comprehend when you look at these cute and so innocent felines, that they can be such vicious hunters. It is totally amazing to see how stealthily they stalk thier prey and then the agility with which they jump on the poor animal.

Some very skilled internet users have made a fusion of the hunter and the hunted through Photoshop and the results that they have got are amazing. Lets take a look at some of these fusions.

Do you know who is a cat’s prey or to whom a cat is a prey? Guess it.


This got me off guard, honestly.


A hawk always looks forward to take a dig at a cat


An eagle always pry on cats


Do really koalas and owls have animosity?


A squirrel or a rabbit or a cat who looks forward to hunt whom?


An eagle versus a tiger, the battle always goes on


We just wish those paws never touch cats, they seem very painful, don’t they?


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