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These Pet Owners Have Written The Most Heart Breaking Memorials About These Pets

These memorials written by the owners are really heart-breaking. This Siamese cat looks just too beautiful to let go. The others also look cute alas! they are no more. 

 Let us know in the comments how you reacted to them. 

  1. 1 Maui - The Siamese Cat

    October 1 1995 - February 5 2010


    The owner says,

    "Maui was adopted by a family believed to be 2-3 years old then. She loved to steal lighters, her morning baths with a wet washcloth, to be 'spanked and also she loved to rassle with other little ones."

  2. 2 Cosmo


    May 7 2007 - June 4 2015

    Cosmo was so cute and adorable that you wont be able to take your eyes off him. 

    Here is the memorial written by the owner that is an absolute heart-breaker.


    "From the first day we met your were in my heart and will always be there.  I think of you every day and will never forget you.  My dearest boy you were such a selfless and giving boy.  Dad loves you with all his heart.  You are always with me.  " I will think of you and you will think of me, thats the way it will always be "  we will never be apart.  Your my heart for eternity."


  3. 3 Roxy Girl

    January 21 2004 - May 18 2008


    Roxy Girl was very attention demanding as says the owner. 

    "Then she would start screaming again!!!! UNTIL I started to rub her head. This bird demanded attention and tons of it. I will always cherish the sunsets at the Beach with Roxy Girl on my left arm with my right hand rubbing her head.  She was needy for sure!!!! But I was glad to give her the attention she so deserved." via

  4. 4 Buster

    September 9 1994 - August 17 2007


    The owner says,

    "Buster you have left a huge gap in our lives - we now know how much our lives revolved around you and we are missing it. We know you got poorly towards the end and tried so hard to stay with us. We will never forget you and hope you are watching over us We will never forget you - you touched the hearts of so many of our friends Goodbye for now,you will always by in our hearts for ever - we will never forget you and no one will ever take your place" via

  5. 5 Meisen



    In Mama's Arms watching the Neighbor

    "Such was the case with Meisen (my-sen).  Meisen was a beautiful,3-½ lb,  blonde, deer-faced Chihuahua.  We received her as a gift from The Lord, and we returned her back to Him on Monday, March 10, 2008 at 7:42 p.m."


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These Pet Owners Have Written The Most Heart Breaking Memorials About These Pets

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