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Puppies Adoption Fell Through And Now All He Does Is Stare At The Wall Would You Rehome Him?

via animalshelter

Can animals go through complex emptions like humans can such as depression, anxiety or even love? Well here we have a case of a puppy that was clearly showing very strong signs of depression and has pulled on the heart strings of millions after seeing how heart broken he became after his one shot at a new life fell through.

via animalshelter

We have all seen the tv adverts showing sad,abandoned dogs that need a new loving home but most of us probably carry on going about our daily lives and never give a second thought to the well trained dogs acting on our tv sets. However, this story should be shown on a tv ad, because this is a really close way to see how those dogs  sat behind bars waiting to be rehomed really feel. Meet March who is a pitbull mix dog, who was living in a shelter dog home after his previous owners left him on the street as they no longer wanted him. March had found new owners and had thought he would be set to a new great life, he was described as excitable, friendly and super loving, so it is no wonder he was quickly picked out. However, the adoption process fell through and this threw March into a deep depression. He lost his appetite and would spend all day just sat staring at the plain wall in her pen.

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The photos of March just sat staring at the wall endlessly got released by the shelter to show how sad these animals can be when all they ask for is love. After this, it soon went viral and tugged on the heart strings of millions, soon after adoption requests came flooding in and on the 21st of March, puppy March was introduced to his new loving home. March’s story is just a drop in the ocean said ACCT Philly Animal Shelter, and there are so many unheard puppies and dogs that have had an unfair start to life and deserve to have all the love and attention they can get. Would you consider rehoming instead of buying?

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