Dogs Flying Through Air

We have seen dogs doing amazing tricks many times. The collection of these perfectly timed photos show dogs flying through air as they are leaping for the treats to the camera.
We had already shown you dogs flying mid air for treats

These funny pictures are the results of a year long passion project by the amateur photographer Daniel Sheridan.

He initiated this project by appealing for pooches to photograph on social media previous year and finally succeeded in accomplishing the collection of fantastic collection of mid-air images.

#1 Frasier the Shetland Sheepdog
#2 Buzz the Pomeranian who looks like a ball

#3 Dexter the flying pug

#4 Einstein the Husky

#5 Prince the Boston Terrier!

#6 Holly the Staffie flying through the air

#7 Bailey the Cockapoo

Daniel, who has seven dogs, said: ‘They’re not going to just run into a log so getting them to jump is actually fairly easy.’

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