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Marine Adopts A Homeless Dog That Saved His Life Three Times

Military dogs are supposed to carry out the same dangerous jobs in military like any other human soldier. It is a fact that their emergent help has helped many soldiers to return home and without their service it would not have been possible- at least in this case it was not feasible.

“The fact that these dogs will step out and put their life on the line and help them get back to loved ones is very important to me,” said John Park, a Texas father whose son, Marine Captain Jeff Park, is alive today and they thank the Labrador ‘Max’ who was serving with Jeff in Afghanistan shoulder-to-shoulder.

Max was assigned the tough job along with Jeff’s unit in 2011 and was supposed to carry out the search for explosives on his own beforehand.“Jeff will admit, he says, ‘I know for a fact that Max has saved my life at least three times,’” said mom Julia Park. “He’s one of the unsung heroes.”
Photo: WFAA
Few months later in the same year, Max was re-sent on tour in Afghanistan. Right after he landed on Afghan land he survived a fatal heat stroke. Max was homeless, after he was discharged from the job owing to poor health. How Jeff could have let his life-saving companion go when he desperately needed a home. He adopted Max.
Photo: WFAA
“When the tables were turned, Jeff said, ‘He saved my life then, took bullets and I’m just returning the favor,’” said Julia, who happily to care for Max with her husband when their son was still serving in Afghanistan. “A debt that can never be repaid. It is a debt of gratitude for an appreciation for what he’s done.”
Photo: WFAA

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