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Giant Fluffy Poodles And Little Girl’s Friendship is Winning The Internet


Kids and animals share a special bond and it is no secret that kids all around the world love to be accompanied by cats and dogs specially. But it is really incredulous to witness that kids and animals both share the same sense of curiosity. In a family in Japan a girl named Mame and her beautiful big giant fluffy giant poodle named Riku have been sharing an inseparable bond ever since Riku was born.
Now, 2 years old, little girl and her giant poodle have been stealing hearts at Instagram and have gathered massive following. The fans of this poodle and baby girl impatiently wait for their latest photos and videos.

Their friendship goals are no big secrets. Even their followers know that. Their bond of friendship has grown stronger with the passage of time. It is fact the Mame has grown taller now still she is short than her Riku.
The popular friends have been sharing cute moments together while reading, taking naps and playing etc.
It becomes difficult for Riku the giant poodle when it comes to costumes and wants them impatiently. He willingly get dressed with hilarious bonnet and sometimes pair of glasses.

It is even eventful to see that the whole media sharing on Instagram is captured on lens by grandma. The other poodles Gaku and Ooo and her newest grandchild Mugi are also part of the whole loving family. Grandma keep followers updated and share amazing pictures and videos.

Enjoy the story of giant poodles and little girl friendship below by amazing animal photos with beautiful media recorded by the grandma.

Meet giant fluffy poodles and cute 2 years old girl

a conference of poodles with cute girl Mame.

birthday party poodle and little girl in a conversation.

Poodle and Cute Girl

giant poodle and little Japanese girl.

giant fluffy poodle lying lazy.

Lets play
giant poodles want to play more.

let me take you for a walk

Story time
lets read a story about a poodle and little girl

little kid hugging poodles

This family has to enjoy soup together like every other event.
So this little kid sharing soup with poodles and yeah they seem to have been enjoying it.

Lets lunch
lunch time…

Lets play again..
No! no more play

Tired after a long day of playing and doing other activities.
O God! I am tired.

This poodle seems to be engrossed
Poodle! it got my attention and I am very much engrossed.

Poodle on computer
poodle wants to check instragram on the desktop.

Poodle and Mame the photo snapped by grandma
poodles and 2 years old mame having some time together like any other time and always.

Family, the giant fluff and much more..
poodles being greeted by family.

Costumes and cosplay!
poodles dressed before party

poodles waiting for the turn

selfie time again. This giant fluff poodle loves taking selfies and being on the lens.

Dressing up and yeah loving costume
The company of poodles dressed up cutely.

The family photo time!
the family portrait of poodles and Mame.

Come and know us
the poodles and family.

Happy playing!
the poodles and little girl playing out

Poodl says, “I must take a selfie and upload it on Instagram.”
this poodle loves taking selfies.

Exhaustion, naps, running and all that exhausts you
tired after playing

Very tired today guys
tired and exhausted after partying out in the snow.

Study time.
we are seriously reading.

Media: Instagram

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